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These Stationery Sets You’ll Never Want To Use

These Stationery Sets You’ll Never Want To Use

Perhaps no one really appreciates stationery quite like they did before the digital era became so vastly present within our lives. But once upon a time, a young writer sat at his mahogany desk with an oil lamp to light his paper, some ink and parchment and soon, the world adapted and soulfully invented various forms of stationery to satisfy all our writing desires. 

As a young writer forged in a period between writing on paper and on the computer, I can safely say that I have an extreme love and passion for traditional modes of writing. But, that could also be because I just adore old media, including typewriters, feather pens, newspapers, scratchy records and worn-out books. However, I have come to realise that as an aspiring author, digital means of writing is the future of writing itself. But, that does not mean I will ever stop wanting to write beautiful words on blank pieces of paper. 

So, what are we really getting at here? Stationery of course! Stationery is everything from pens, pencils, rulers, scissors, crayons, markers, highlighters and more. If you’re anything like us, you truly can’t resist a beautiful stationery set. And perhaps a lot of it sits in your desk drawer accumulating dust because you’re too afraid to ruin them or for them to run out of ink.


Nonetheless, stationery is one of the best forms of guilty pleasures you can do for yourself. Stationery encourages you to spend some time away from technological devices and screens, and invites you to play with paper and ink in a way that evokes relaxation and stress management. So, here’s some beautiful stationery sets we have found that, while relaxing to look at, you’ll perhaps never want to use. 

1. Double Sided Mildliner Highlighters

If you’re a stationery addict, you’ve probably realised that some of the best stationery sets come right from Japan, and surrounding East Asian countries. The Japanese have a way with creating products and stationery that can easily be mistaken for works of art. And with these gorgeous Mildliner highlighters, you’ll want to showcase them on your desk rather than ever use them properly. 

With an assortment of colours available and not just the main highlighter colours, these Mildliner markers can be used in a variety ways, but let’s face it, we don’t blame you if you never want to use them. 


2. Stabilo Swing Cool Highlighters

Stabilo is well known for creating our staple highlighter sets. You know, the ones that we strenuously and tirelessly use throughout our study sessions and examination periods. But when the company released this gorgeous Swing Cool edition highlighter set, our hearts began to soar. 

With all the beauty and charm of the pastel tones we are so fond of, these gorgeous highlighters will brighten up, or maybe soften up your highlighted content throughout your text books, bullet journals and diaries. This is true pastel heaven. 


3. Fabricolor Calligraphy Brush Pens

If you’re someone who enjoys dabbling into the art of calligraphy, typography and brush text writing, then these gorgeous calligraphy brush pens from Fabricolor will be a dream for you. Brush text writing is definitely a fad these days, with many popular Instagram posts using the technique to express beautiful quotes such as ‘you got this’, ‘here comes the sun’ and more. 

Easily, you can add some colour and fun to the beauty of typography and calligraphy with these gorgeous calligraphy brush pens. And with so many colours and sets to choose from, you’ll be spoiled for choice! 


4. Tombow Brush Pens

If you hopped on the adult colouring book craze a few years ago, you likely wanted an assortment of colouring pens to heed your colouring needs. And if that was the case, or hey, if that’s the case now, then you definitely need these brush pens from Tombow. 

These pens come in almost any colour imaginable. As seen here, a variety of pink shades are available, but really, you’re imagination will run wild when it comes to what colours you think you want from this brand. Which is why once again, these brush pens are perfect for those who use colouring books as a form of therapy and relaxation. That is, if you want to actually use them rather than display them on your desk. 


5. Frixion Erasable Highlighters

For all those times you believed you highlighted just a little too much of one sentence, a little too much on one page, or you went over the text layout of the book, how many times did you say “man, I wish I could erase that highlight”, right after you made that mistake? Well, you absolutely can erase those errors with these erasable soft pastel highlighters from Frixion! 

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Another Japanese brand, Frixion creates gorgeous pens and highlighters that are frequently equipped with an eraser end to each pen, and simultaneously, the brand creates gorgeous colours that we absolutely adore. And even though you’ll be able to erase any mistakes, we doubt you’ll ever want to use these pens either. 

6. Sarasa Vintage Pen Set

Sarasa, yes another Japanese brand (cause let’s face it, they do create the most attractive stationery sets) creates some of the most gorgeous pen sets ever. From neon, pastels, modern and now vintage, this vintage pen set is giving us all the old media vibes. 


Pull out a solid, strong coloured journal like dark blue, deep red or leather brown, and use these beautiful vintage-inspired pens to jot down all your thoughts, poems and notes in. With a gorgeous selection of colours, these are giving us all the vintage feels. 

7. MUJI Gel Ink Pen Set

MUJI, and yes, yet another Japanese brand, creates amazing not only stationery, but homeware, storage and home solutions. But this gel ink pen set is giving us all the feels, especially in the gorgeous colour combination. 


And the best part about gel ink pens is that they last a lot longer and write extremely smoothly across the softest paper. It will feel like a dream as you write. 

What is your weakness when it comes to stationery items? Let us know in the comments down below! 

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