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These Layering Tips From Celebrities Will Get You Inspired For Fall

These Layering Tips From Celebrities Will Get You Inspired For Fall

You may not have a stylist like celebrities do to always make sure they look fabulous, but that doesn’t mean you can’t steal some of their tips to look hot no matter the weather. We’ve only got a few weeks left of summer, so it’s (unfortunately) time to start looking ahead to what we’ll be wearing this fall.

The weather can be funky, starting out cold in the mornings and warming up in the afternoons, so layering is essential for dealing with whatever the day brings. Here are our layering tips inspired by celebrities so you, too, can look like a famous stylist dressed you. 

Start With the Thinnest Layer

There’s nothing worse than looking too bulky in layers and feeling like the Michelin man. To combat this, start building your wardrobe around delicate pieces like a super tight turtle neck, or a lacey tank top. From there you can add different pieces like a duster, a scarf, or a jean jacket to complete the outfit and add some warmth.


Keep It All In the Same Color Palette

To keep everything chic and streamlined, pick pieces that all belong in the same color family so nothing looks out of sorts. I like layering precious pastels to be extra-feminine, or shades of black when I’m in a mood. If you wear too many different colors, your outfit will just look chaotic instead of cute. Neutral colors like tan or gray are the easiest to layer because you don’t even have to think about what goes with what.


Don’t Shy Away From Tights

You don’t need to put away your summer clothes just yet. All those fun dresses and mini skirts can work well into the colder months with a cute pair of tights. You can get a polka dot pair, a plaid pair, whatever your style is. This layering tip might just become your best friend when you’re so over pulling on the same pair of jeans time and time again.

Pair Denim With Leather

This is one of my all-time favorite layering tips. A leather jacket gets even more casual with a slouchy denim jacket layered underneath, or on top. Sometimes layers look too sloppy if there isn’t enough shape to it, so keep at least one of the layers structured to stay extra chic. An easy way to wear this is layering a long-sleeve denim shirt over a white T-shirt, and topping it off with a loose leather jacket. 


Wear a Super Fun Coat As a Statement Accessory

Taylor Swift is the queen of colorful outfits, so follow her lead with colors so bright they just might make you forget about the terrible weather. A long black coat might look good with everything, but a mini coat in a crazy pattern can make even more of a statement. Keep the other colors low key so you don’t look like a rainbow exploded on you.

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Add a Scarf

A bulky scarf is an easy way to add layers to an otherwise boring outfit. Jessica Alba has been seen all over the place with a scarf thrown around her neck, and it always looks good. My layering tip is the bigger the better when it comes to scarves– not only are they super comfortable, they can instantly make you look more put together and like you actually put some effort into your outfit.


Make It All Oversized

Rihanna makes everything look good, but one of my favorite style tips from her is to create a grungy vibe by pairing baggy pants with an even baggier coat. A small top keeps the outfit from looking like you got dressed in the dark without a mirror. Pair with petite shoes and you’ve got yourself an outfit that Rihanna would be proud of.

Which of these layering tips are you going to use when the weather turns cold? Let us know in the comments!

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