These Halloween Shots Are So Cute And So Good

If you’re throwing a Halloween party, you better sort out your Halloween shots, or else you’ll have some very disappointed guests. This festivity allows you to get creative and a little bit freaky with food and drink, entering into the trick or treat spirit. Halloween shots are the perfect way to present mini glasses of either delight or horror, but for now, we’ll focus on the delightful creations that are pleasing on both the eye and the tongue (mostly).

Shark Attack Halloween Shots

This recipe from Delish is pretty unique. Wow, your party guests with these bright blue jelly shots containing a gummy shark (or any other gummy animal to your choosing) at the bottom. The blood-like effect from the food coloring will fit in with your creepy Halloween décor and the white rum lurking inside the colorful little glass will be a sweet treat as it trickles out of the jelly and down your throat.

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Candyfloss Halloween Shots

What’s a party without a candyfloss machine? This idea couldn’t be any simpler, or any sweeter for that matter. Instead of just eating the floss off the stick, use it to top your vodka and tonic shot! It’s way more fun, it’ll get your face way stickier and most importantly be way tastier. What’s not to love about this sweet Halloween treat?

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Glowing Jelly Halloween Shots

What better occasion to use glow in the dark shots? Keep up the eerie atmosphere by serving these delicious layered jelly shots at your party. Remember to prep these in advance as they need time to chill in the fridge, and use a variety of jelly flavors to add to the surprise element of this celebration!

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Vampire Bite Halloween Shots

These shots look like they’ve been concocted in a science lab, with their orange coloring and vial-shaped glasses (alternatively, pour the mixture into syringes to really freak everyone out!). In reality, they’re just Bloody Mary’s presented in line with the Halloween theme so they’re easy to make in bulk! They’ll go down a treat at your Halloween festivities.

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Sour Patch Jelly Halloween Shots

The classic flavored jelly mixed with vodka, but with a surprising trick – a sour patch kid! This addition will shock your guests’ taste buds and have them zinging around the party like a kid on a sugar rush. A childhood throwback to remind us that we’re just big kids (who can now drink jelly shots) who still get an adrenaline rush from the terror instilled by Halloween. Combat the sourness with sweet whipped cream to top the shot.

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Fireball Jelly Halloween Shots

The dark red coloring of this jelly fits the aesthetic of Halloween whilst the cinnamon kick of the Fireball gives the shot that seasonal taste. Get creative with how you serve this jelly shot – use whatever you have available as jelly will set in any shape!

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Blood Clot Halloween Shots

They look as gruesome as they sound. Red or black food coloring gives these shots their dark, blood-like coloring whilst burnt marshmallows float on the surface, creating a rather congealed aesthetic. But they might actually taste pretty good! Jack Daniel’s mixed with apple cider doesn’t sound too bad to me, but the combination of two alcohols in a single shot could have you spewing blood stained sick later on in the night…

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Zombie Apocalypse Test Tube Halloween Shots

Using the science lab theme, these mini cocktail shots have a pale, zombie-like coloring which doesn’t look particularly appetizing. If you dare to knock one back, you’ll discover a strong amaretto base hidden among spicy chai latte concentrate and milk, a unique mixture, and surprise to the taste buds.

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Sneaky Sandman Halloween Shots

This simple but deadly shot should be saved for the end of the night when you’re ready to knock everyone out. You’ll have vampires, ghouls, and ghosts dropping to the floor all around you, the sexy nurses unable to revive them, as they too feel the impact of this lethal tequila-based shot. Make sure you photograph the scene for next year’s invites! Find the recipe on Town and Country Magazine’s list of fun Halloween shots.

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Sangrita Halloween Shots

If you really want to spice things up, combine the Vampire Bite Halloween Shots with juice and hot sauce and serve alongside a tequila shot! You’ll blow your guests’ heads off with this explosive mixture, leaving a splattering of zombie’s guts all over the place. The most devilish on this list, you’ll feel a fire alighting inside you when you knock back this evil pairing. Another recipe that features on Town and Country Magazine’s suggestions.

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Wake the Dead Tequila Halloween Shots

If you’re looking for something strong and impactful, look no further. This tequila shooter is mixed with coffee liqueur and espresso which will hit the back of your throat before seeping into your ghoulish blood to give you a caffeine high. You and your fellow partygoers will be bouncing off the cobwebbed walls with a new lease of life nobody was expecting from the walking dead Halloween monsters emerging from the night.

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Wolf Bite Absinthe Halloween Shots

Far more painful than the Vampire Bite, the Wolf Bite shot contains the devil of all spirits – absinthe. The fruity flavors with which it’s combined attempt to disguise the key ingredient but there’s no escaping its brutality as it burns your throat and shocks your heart, surging through your body like an angry wave. Good luck surviving this one and remembering the other-worldly night on 1st November morning.

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Mind Eraser Vodka Halloween Shot

Served in a small glass with a straw, this isn’t your traditional shot. However, if drunk according to the recipe, this concoction will definitely have a shot-like effect, giving you a head rush as you race your friends to down it through the straw. The alcohol and caffeine mixture will soon hit, giving you a different kind of rush, much like the Wake the Dead shot.

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Which of these cute Halloween shots will you be serving this year? Let us know which go down a treat and which you manage to trick your friends into downing.

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