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These Great 70’s Trends Are Back

These Great 70’s Trends Are Back

Ah the 70’s. While we can be grateful that not everything from the 70’s has made it’s way into 2019, we can be happy that the fashion certainly has. It’s not even weird that the trending styles we’re obsessed with today can probably be spotted in ancient polaroids of our parents! What goes around comes around. It’s what fashions all about. Nothing’s ever gone forever. So what we cringe at now will probably be on the cover of vogue in no time. Here are just some of the great  70’s trends that are back (and better than ever!)

Bell Bottoms

Having tried to avoid bell bottoms during my entire pre-adult years, I can’t believe that bell bottom pants are a wardrobe must have! Not daggy at all, they scream cool girl! They’re also comfortable and versatile. They can be a casual cord on the weekend or a black, chic pant on a night out. They look great with a cropped top or an oversized jumper. Definitely a great look that’s back from from the 70’s.

These Great 70’s Trends Are Back


Clogs disappeared for a while, but even when they returned they became a little under-appreciated until now. Deemed as the appropriate shoe for middle aged women, clogs certainly weren’t given the stylists credit they deserve. Well, it’s no longer the school pick up mums sporting a pair of funky clogs. Clogs have made a definite comeback across many ages. They’re perfect for so many occasions. They’re a step up from your casual sneaker, fancier than a sandal and more comfortable than a heel. They can also be worn with just about anything, especially now when a ‘clog’ comes in so many styles. 70’s fashionista’s knew what they were doing (and so did out mothers over the last decade it would seem.) Get yourself a pair and keep them safe. Pass them down to our kids one day because I don’t think clogs are going anywhere!

These Great 70’s Trends Are Back



Hmm the crochet. Does anybody else instantly think of the crochet bikini? I commend any girl who can confidently where this fabulous 70’s trend. The crochet, as a swimsuit or piece of clothing, is one of the most iconic looks from the 70’s. Crochet clothing was seen at festivals, the beach and even down the street. I don’t know why I’m speaking in past tense when, in the past couple of years (at least) the crochet has come back. I commend anyone who gives the crochet a go. Especially a crocheted cropped, halter neck top. Its a seamless look that can go from a day at the beach, afternoon at the shops, to a late night party. Very beachside 70’s lifestyle. So cool and so fun!


True, denim on denim screams 90’s. But look back a couple of decades and you’ll see flared Levi’s everywhere. The 70’s practically gave birth to denim. In fact, while we think of denim as casual, a pair of jeans was the fancy thing to wear to parties. I’m so glad people are embracing denim more often. If our past fashion sense can tell us anything, that if you love something, never let it go. Denim, this is from my heart to yours.

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These Great 70’s Trends Are Back


Peasant Dresses

Peasant dresses is a gorgeous 70’s trend that gives so much! They’re easy to wear, look good on just about any body and so pretty! They’re a great street style staple as a peasant dress looks great with a pair of sneakers and sunnies. If you’re feeling fancy, why not throw on a pair of clogs. Peasant dresses never went away. But they’re more popular than ever now that fashionistas have learnt how to turn this dress into a must have, chic and modern look.


Overalls is the clothing item that can be lost for years. They’ve hanging in your closet just waiting for the day that you realise how to restyle them. And they have definitely been restyled. Overalls don’t have be the cute denim pair that you wore you kinder-garden. If you’re looking to incorporate this great 70’s trend back into your staple style, you’re making a great choice. Overalls can be anything you want them to be. Beach, country, skater, chic, uptown, city, honestly anything. The fashion world has embraced this great 70’s trend and so, there are so may overall styles to choose.

I could go on forever! The 70’s is a fabulous era of as much colour and patterns you could get your hands on in the most simplistic, easy yet stylish clothes ever. There are so many great 70’s trends back in fashion! Let’s make the most of it while it lasts!

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