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These Are The Tasty Budget Meals All University Students Need

These Are The Tasty Budget Meals All University Students Need

Cooking for yourself is not easy at all, especially for those who are university students. It is so hard for us to stay within a budget but also have quality food at the same time. Most of the time we ended up eating cheap microwave meals or frozen food just so we can survive. Check out some of the tasty budget meals you can make without breaking the bank or sabotaging your health:

Hummus Pasta (Vegan)

This is probably the one of the cheapest budget meals you can make. Putting hummus in pasta might sound like a weird idea at first but you this will SERIOUSLY change your mind. The hummus creates a creamy and lemony texture that is honestly a must try if you love a creamy pasta. Simply stir in 1/4 pot of your store bought hummus into your drained pasta and gently mix it together in the pan. Feel free to add in some cherry tomatoes or spinach to create a bowl of flavourful goodness. Add in some chopped onion too if you are after a more crunchy taste.

You can also use various flavors of hummus to create different tastes! This is a very versatile recipe as you can also change the type of pasta as well!

 These Are The Tasty Budget Meals All University Students Need

Egg Fried Rice

This is yet another easy but full of goodness recipe at the same time. Instead of buying it from your local Chinese takeaway which will definitely cost a lot more, egg fried rice is unbelievably easy to make. This is the representative of budget meals because it literally consists of two basic ingredients: eggs and rice.

Both of these ingredients are incredibly cheap and accessible. Simply stir in scrambled eggs your cooked rice in a pan and mix til the rice is in a nice a golden yellow. You could season it with soy sauce to give it the rich Asian flavour but you could also do salt too. You can spice up the fried rice if you have a bit of ham in the fridge or even some bell peppers. Essentially anything goes in this egg fried rice and it is a guaranteed delicious budget meal.  

Creamy Garlic Mushroom Pasta (Vegan)

This might be slightly more expensive than the previous two recipes but this is also one of the easiest budget meals you could make out there. Add some chopped onions, a clove of garlic, some mixed herbs and chopped mushrooms into your cooked pasta to give it some nice flavours. You could add any milk of your choice into the pasta to create that creamy texture.

If you are not a fan of mushrooms you could easily consider other vegetables like sweetcorn or cherry tomatoes!

 These Are The Tasty Budget Meals All University Students Need

Jacket Potatoes

This is a solid representative of all budget meals recipes. This is cheap and easy to make which makes it perfect for uni students. Simply buy some baking potatoes, cut them in half and sprinkle any cheese of your choice and bake it in the oven.

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You can also put any ingredients of your choice including bacon, tuna, sweetcorn. Essentially anything goes with this potato goodness really.

 These Are The Tasty Budget Meals All University Students Need

Thai Green Curry

This is probably the fanciest of all budget meals. You might think a Thai green curry is simply unattainable when you are limited to a small food budget. But think again. This is easier and cheaper than you think. Most budget supermarkets offer the Thai green curry paste on a budget and that’s honestly the most important thing you need.

You might also want some chicken pieces or tofu to go with the curry. Simply add some curry paste into your chicken/tofu as you are frying it in the pan. Be sure you add a generous amount to give it an intense flavour. Add a can of coconut milk and bring it to a simmer. You could also add any veggie of your choice to this curry. Simply serve it with some boiled rice and you have yourself an undeniably tasty budget meal.

 These Are The Tasty Budget Meals All University Students Need

So here are some of the amazingly tasty and wonderful budget meals you can make in university. Comment down below to share your amazing budget friendly meals with us!

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