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These Are The Best Zodiac Signs To Have Sex With

These Are The Best Zodiac Signs To Have Sex With

These zodiac signs are the most compatible with good sex and hooking up. Check out who you should be sleeping with based on these signs!

Our zodiac signs can tell us a lot about other people and even ourselves. They can help us find hobbies and careers we’ll most enjoy and can even give us dating advice, stating who we would be most compatible with. Another thing they can often describe, is how good your partner will be in bed. Not everyone will fit their zodiac’s description, but they can be scarily accurate. Here are the best zodiac signs to have sex with based on their traits.

1. Aries

Aries are usually described as adventurous, confident but most importantly, they enjoy dominance. They often love to take charge, especially in the bedroom and will make exciting partners. Their sex drive is incredible! They can be a little aggressive as they enjoy it rough but are incredibly passionate, making them brilliant signs to have sex with. Experimentation keeps them interested, as long as they get to make the rules and can keep things spontaneous.

2. Aquarius

The most creative of the signs, an Aquarius will make an amazing sexual partner as their love for experimenting keeps the relationship exciting. Eccentric and unique, they make the most fascinating partners, everything they do will surprise you…especially in bed. They often seem very aloof but don’t be mistaken by this, they are incredibly kinky and love trying your fantasies. They are loyal and interesting to talk to, keeping the conversation stimulating even after sex. Expect the unexpected with this sign and keep an open-mind.

3. Taurus

Although a little self-indulgent at times, Taurus signs are very reliable and sensual. They love getting close to people and think of sex as a chance to connect on a deeper level. They’ll make sure they get their turn but will stop at nothing until their partners are happy too. They give their all and can be pretty generous once they get going. You might just have to get used to their jealous side if you get involved with them however.

4. Pisces

Some of the most selfless and compassionate people, a Pisces will put their partners needs before their own, even during sex. They are artistic, keeping things interesting but can also be incredibly gentle if you enjoy the slower, more passionate sex that meets your needs. No matter what you ask for, they are down for trying it all. They’re pretty comfortable doing almost anything and are especially known for their pillow talk.

5. Leo

Leos are very kind-hearted, energetic people, they can keep up with anyone! Just like an Aries, they enjoy being the dominant one but are slightly more open-minded and willing to try new things. Just like their zodiac signs, they’re lions in the bedroom! Their pride and loyalty ensure that everyone will finish happy. They enjoy showing love and affection but are never vanilla, you will never be bored with a Leo. Allow them to take charge every-so-often and they’re up for whatever you suggest.

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6. Gemini

Geminis are very versatile and enjoy trying new things. They are intelligent people and will recognise your needs quite quickly, ensuring that they get to know what works and what doesn’t. They have a thirst for lust and love dirty talk as a form of foreplay. The twins love experimentation and are one of the signs that get comfortable very easily at the topic of threesomes. Geminis hate boredom and are incredibly fun-loving, so prepare to mix it up and get ready for some role play. This sign loves it all!

Our zodiac signs aren’t always accurate but they do help us understand certain people in our lives sometimes. Do theses accurately describe you or your partner?

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