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These Are The Best Drinking Gadgets In Existence

These Are The Best Drinking Gadgets In Existence

These Are The Best Drinking Gadgets In Existence

Modern technology is great – every day you hear about something new and exciting that has been invented somewhere in the world. Even though some of these inventions turn out quite wacky and rarely see the light of day, the majority of them end up in stores globally.

Now let’s be honest, who can resist getting their hands on one of the latest tech trends? There is in fact a huge market for drinking gadgets that are perfect for anyone who likes to drink. Here are some of the best drinking gadgets in existence:

1. Wine Dispenser Purse

You read that right – there is now such a thing as a wine dispenser disguised inside of a handbag. It can hold up to 1.5 litres of your favourite alcohol in appropriately chilled conditions. The best part is that the handbag itself is actually rather fashionable, so you’ll feel fabulous taking it with you wherever you go. If anything, it’ll definitely make you the life of the party.

One of the best drinking gadgets out there

2. Home Draft Beer Dispenser

This incredible draft beer machine is perfect for use at home. Now you can enjoy quality pints without having to leave the comfort of your own living room! The drinking gadget is compatible with a number of beer kegs that are sold by Philips itself, including Leffe and Hoegaarden. Surely nothing can beat this ridiculously handy invention.

This is one of our favourite drinking gadgets on the market

3. Bracelet Bangle Flask

Have you ever wanted to carry around your favourite alcohol but never knew how to pull it off? Look no further than this genius solution – a bracelet flask that allows you to discreetly transport any beverage you like. The quality, leak-proof design ensures that your treasured possession will remain safe and sound.

A genius drinking gadget that we know you'll love

4. Combination Lock For Alcohol Bottles

With this ridiculous yet handy drinking gadget you will no longer have to worry about someone stealing your drink. The combination lock also doubles as a bottle stopper that can preserve your alcohol for longer. It fits most bottle types and is completely leak-proof.

We're loving this fun drinking gadget

5. Alcohol Infuser

This fascinating drinking gadget is not only useful to have, but is also incredibly beautiful. The glass drinks infuser will make the perfect centrepiece for any bar or kitchen – the gadget is completely see-through, so you’ll be able to watch the alcohol infuse right in front of your eyes.

One of the most incredible drinking gadgets out there

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6. Bartender Multitool

A small but mighty drinking gadget, this multitool will quickly become your go-to solution when it comes to mixing the perfect drink. It contains a bottle opener, corkscrew, stirrer, strainer, jigger, muddler, zester, knife, and a channel knife. Don’t know what half of these words mean? That’s all the more reason to look this up!

A unique and quirky drinking gadget that you should check out

7. LED Ice Cubes

Seriously, this has got to be the coolest invention ever. Can you imagine how incredible your drinks are going to look with this funky gadget! They’re made using non-toxic freezable gel and plastic, which can even be used without the cooling effect. This drinking gadget will make the perfect addition to an epic party.

One of the coolest drinking gadgets we know you'll love

8. App Controlled Bartending System

It seems as though nowadays there’s an app for everything, including bartending. To be honest, this drinking gadget is extremely useful – it helps you create delicious cocktails with ease. The scales monitor how much liquid you’re adding to the glass, whilst the app walks you through making a cocktail step-by-step. If you add too much alcohol, it will automatically readjust the proportions to ensure that you’ll still come out with the perfect drink.

This is one of our favourite drinking gadgets on the market

Which of these drinking gadgets is your favourite? Can you think of any other incredible gadgets that everyone needs to have? Comment below!

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