8 Themed Restaurants Any Geek Will Love

Themed restaurants might seem tacky at first, but today there are plenty of themed places that offer truly unique experiences. And with the rise of TV shows, books, and games, geekdom is becoming more in vogue these days too. So it’s no surprise that geeky cafes and restaurants are popping up everywhere. These restaurants bring some exciting atmospheres and themed food to guests that will surely be memorable. Any geek will love the variety of geeky choices there are these days for food.

Not only are these restaurants bringing some great experiences to geeks, but they of course are also bringing some amazing food. You might be worried that themed restaurants focus so much on the atmosphere they forget to make decent food. Thankfully, most geeky restaurants these days are a far cry from Medieval Times. The food itself is usually just as good as the restaurant environment. You’ll definitely want to come to these restaurants not only to satisfy your inner geek, but also for the great food.

Geeky restaurants are definitely worth checking it out. There are so many today that are actually really cool and unforgettable. But of course there are some places that are especially worth going to. These geeky restaurants stand out from the rest with their unique themes and great food. Here are 8 themed restaurants any geek will love!

1. Alice In The Labyrinth

Bookworms rejoice! This Alice In Wonderland themed cafe is located in Tokyo, Japan and is the perfect spot for any book lover. Upon entry, you’ll see pages from the book and be seated by an Alice In Wonderland dressed server. The place has a magical atmosphere with a decorative playing cards on the ceiling and Alice In Wonderland quotes. The food itself is also themed, and you can choose from options like the bug-eyed cake or Cheshire Cat pizza. Certainly a must for any Alice In Wonderland fan.

8 themed restaurants any geek will love!

2. Action Burger

Down in NYC, you can geek out with comics at this themed restaurant. The store is riddled with comic  books and superheroes deck the walls and tables. Comic book nerds won’t be the only ones who enjoy this restaurant however, there are also old-school video games that can be played here. Gamers can enjoy classics like Mortal Kombat and Pac-Man well eating fries and a shake. The menu obviously offers burgers, as evidenced by the title. But there are other options too sandwiches. A good choice for any nostalgic geek who is craving a burger.

  8 themed restaurants any geek will love!

3. Miracle of Science

The Miracle of Science is certainly memorable, not least in part due to it’s science theme. In Cambridge the restaurant serves brunch and dinner and after a 11 am, the place functions as a bar. Geeks will love the decor of the restaurant. Inside,  the menu on the wall is drawn like the periodic table. The restaurant also does a good job of making you feel like a scientist yourself. Order a drink here and you’ll find it’s served in a beaker. The food itself is also great, with options like grass fed burger and brazilian grilled steak & eggs.

8 themed restaurants any geek will love!

4. Sherlock’s Coffee House

Located in England, this cafe is certainly a must see for any Sherlock fan. The interior is based off of Sherlock’s apartment and gives off a cozy vibe. There are bookshelfs and an antique clock in the room, transporting you back in time. The Victorian era style makes the ambiance just perfect for Sherlock. Plus, there is plenty of seating available, from wide tables to comfy seats to lounge in and analyze clues.  The food is of course delicious too, with giant scones and excellent coffee on the menu.

8 themed restaurants any geek will love!

5. The Hobbit Cafe

The Hobbit Cafe is a Lord of The Rings themed restaurant with a magical atmosphere. The restaurant has been showing appreciation for Tolkien since 1972, and it’s easy to understand why the business is still successful. The cafe features plenty of Lord of The Rings decorations, such as a gollum statue and staffs. There is also plenty to eat here, from pancakes to amazing burgers. The sandwiches are even named after characters like “Gandalf” and “Smaug’s Delight.” This is definitely a great choice if you’re a Tolkien fan!

8 themed restaurants any geek will love!

6. Coin-Op

This geeky restaurants is perfect for anyone who wants to dine and play video games. The restaurants features an arcade area where patrons can play games like Street Fighter and Dance Dance Revolution. There’s also plenty of pinball machines with different themes that range from Star Trek to The Simpsons. You can go with just a friend or two, in book in advance to bring a large group. And if playing all those games make you hungry, you can order some great food. You can order items like pizza or wings. There’s also a large range of craft cocktails to get. A great place if you want to game after or before you eat!

8 themed restaurants any geek will love!

7. Charlie Brown Cafe

Located in Singapore, this cafe is perfect for any Charlie Brown fan. The cafe offers Charlie Brown merch and themed food. There’s cute decorations, like the Snoopie statue and a wall covered in past comic strips from the series. You can get some super delicious items like the a drink that has Charlie Brown latte art or a dish with Snoopie shaped rice. There’s also some super cute desserts offered that are also Charlie Brown themed. If you’re a huge fan of the classic comic strip, you’ll want to go to this cafe for sure.

8 themed restaurants any geek will love!

8. Steamy Hallows

This Harry Potter inspired cafe is a great place to go for any fan of the series. The cafe has mystical interior and mysterious decor, making it look like a cafe out of Diagon Alley. Enter and you’ll see a pot with smoke coming out and some Harry Potter quotes. There are plenty of delicious drinks to order like “Butterbrew” or the “Love Potion.” The wizard themed cafe is a great experience for anyone who loves the Harry Potter series and coffee.

8 themed restaurants any geek will love!

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