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Top 10 Themed Friendsgiving Dinners

Top 10 Themed Friendsgiving Dinners

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to make it home for Thanksgiving because you can’t seem to find an affordable plain ticket. Thankfully, you have a few friends in the area who are in a similar position as yourself, so you all decide to get together and have a Friendsgiving dinner! While you like this idea, you talk to your friends about doing it a little different than the usual. For your first Friendsgiving, you really want to make it themed. Your friends seem interested, so you all begin coming up with cool themes that will make this a holiday you’ll never forget!

Christmas Party

To be perfectly honest, you’re not really a huge fan of Thanksgiving. The food isn’t usually to your liking and sitting at the table after eating a lot of food can be uncomfortable. For this Friendsgiving dinner, you propose to your friends to make it Christmas themed, since you enjoy that holiday much more. Your friends are up for that, so you all begin to plan what you’re going to have to eat and the decorations you’ll need to get. Of course, the food must all be Christmas themed, so cooking a ham instead of a turkey is a must. Everyone eventually decides to wear ugly Christmas sweaters, too!



Mexican Style

Most everyone likes taco Tuesdays, so wouldn’t it make sense to have this Friendsgiving dinner be Mexican themed? In addition to having tacos (which will be the main feature) you’ll have other delicious food such as fajitas and tortilla chips. As you and your friends sit down to begin eating, put on some Mexican music in the background. There are a lot of playlists to choose from on Spotify if you’re having trouble finding the right music. What you wear is also very important, so buy a collection of sombreros to give to everyone when they arrive!


Friendsgiving, but with desserts only

Sometimes during a regular Thanksgiving meal, you sit patiently through the dinner while waiting for what you really want: desserts. The good news about having a themed Friendsgiving dinner is that it’s not traditional, so you can have a desserts only meal no problem! Have everyone bring at least one dish, although you should encourage them to bring more. You want to have the table completely covered with delicious and sweet desserts, so only having a few won’t cut it. 



Beach dinner

One of the signs of the Thanksgiving holiday is that it starts to get colder. Because of this, everyone starts to wear sweaters and jackets instead of shorts and t-shirts. To keep the warm season alive for just a little bit longer, ask you friends if they want to have a beach Friendsgiving dinner. As the snow starts falling outside, tell you friends to come dressed in their summer clothes. They may look at you incredulously at first but, if you allow them to wear the clothes underneath their warm jackets, they’ll go along with it.




Have you ever wanted to pretend that you live in fantasy world, if only for a couple hours? Well, with a themed Friendsgiving dinner, that is entirely possible! While the food is important (this is a meal, after all), the costumes are what’ll make this dinner unforgettable. If you don’t want to go as the standard (but still cool) king, queen, or knight, there are many fantastical creatures to choose from. You could go as a dragon tamer, who brings some dragon blood soup (tomato soup) with them as a treat!



If you’ve ever watched old fashioned British movies or TV shows, you’ll know that the wealthy folks back then had their own unique style. The laces on the cuffs and neckline, the powdered wigs, and the tight stockings are only a few of the many iconic clothes the aristocracy frequently wore. The food they would usually eat is not too dissimilar from the food today. It’s only the presentation that’s different (beautifully designed cakes, silver platters, etc). If you can get that down, then you’ve basically got it covered. 




The last couple months of the year are full of big holidays, and it seems to you that Halloween just ended when Thanksgiving is tomorrow! You’re still kinda in the mood for that aesthetic so, for your Friendsgiving dinner, you decide to make it all about pumpkins. All the dishes must be pumpkin based. Everyone must wear an orange shirt, although you’ll be wearing a pumpkin costume! Before you all sit down to eat, snack on some salted pumpkin seeds while watching one or two Halloween movies.

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‘Clue’ themed

One of your favorite games of all time is ‘Clue’ because of the spooky mansion, the designs of the characters, and the mysterious, detective style game-play. You’ve always wanted to host a themed ‘Clue’ party so, when you and your friends decide to have a Friendsgiving dinner, you jump on the chance to finally star in a real life version of the game. Make sure to have some food that reflects the names of the principle characters, like Plum pudding for Professor Plum and some kind of custard dish based off Colonel Custard.



All American Friendsgiving

Isn’t it annoying how there aren’t usually any hot dogs or hamburgers at Thanksgiving? It’s all traditional food like mashed potatoes and squash. You’re fond of both those dishes, but you like the cookout type food more. You make the decision to break with tradition (at least for this year), by having a Friendsgiving dinner with food that’s entirely American. Get out your grill and start cooking hamburgers and ribs, grilled corn, and whatever other food you eat outside in the summer. Be sure to have a cooler full of drinks!


World Tour

You’ve never had the chance to have a dinner where food from many major countries is represented. Yes, you’ve had taco nights and get Chinese take out every once in a while, but it’s different when you have some of their best dishes laid out on your table. This Friendsgiving dinner will offers you the chance to do this. Have, among other things, hamburgers from America, tacos from Mexico, bratwurst from Germany, and noodles from Italy. By the time you come up with at least one dish from each country you want to include, you’ll have a full table!


World Tour

Have you considered trying any of these themed Friendsgiving dinners? Which ones are your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!