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Theme Ideas For Your Next Birthday Party

Theme Ideas For Your Next Birthday Party

Birthday parties can be difficult to plan. There is a great deal of planning involved. You have to think of the guests, who to invite and who not to invite, the food, who is hosting it, where is it going to be at, and lastly, what the theme will be. Birthday parties are not meant to be another ordinary party. Birthdays are meant to be special. They are the very day that someone who loves was born. So, celebrate them! What better way to celebrate a birthday than throwing a party, with an awesome theme to match?  If you are struggling to think of an incredible theme for the birthday party, here is a list of some ideas. 

1. Cocktail

Girls! Put on your heels, slip into the cocktail dresses or go buy a few. Pull up those high waist skinny jeans and satin tank tops. Boy! Iron the slacks, pull out the button-down shirts and dress shoes, or better yet, get the suit out and swoon the ladies. A cocktail party is a perfect theme for any birthday party, no matter the age. Relive what it was like to dress up and mingle with friends. Have a restaurant cater the party, whether it is at home or at a venue, decorate the place with black, silver, and gold metallic streamers and balloons, maybe even put red tablecloths on the tables, where people can sit, eat, and chat. So, raise a glass and cheers to a spectacular birthday party!

2. The 80s

“Woah, we’re half-way there. Woah, livin’ on a prayer!” That is right. 80s baby! Who does not love the 80s and the fashion sense they had back then? What better way to crash the birthday age with a little bit of neon and a whole lot of rock? Have the guests come dressed in their brightest and boldest 80s attire (neon leotards with leg warmers, poofy skirts with off-the-shoulder shirts, heels, and too-teased hairdos, short running shorts with a white tank top, or a brightly colored patterned shirt, nicely tucked into a pair of black or white jeans). Yeah! Don’t you, forget about the 80s! (Walks away with fish in the air).


3. Gatsby Party (The 20s)

If you want to go for a more sophisticated party, one that everyone will love, do it Gatsby style. Not every woman has had the experience of wearing a flapper dress or sporting the feathered headbands. Also, every man should wear, at least once in their lifetime, a pair of strong suspenders and a black fedora. Why not throw a birthday party, where every guest should sport one, or the other?

4. Glow In The Dark

Whether you are wearing neon, white, or have ten glowsticks wrapped around your neck and limbs, having a glow party is the way to go to celebrate a birthday. Plug in your music or hire a DJ for the night, hand out glowsticks, glow-in-the-dark sunglasses, necklaces, and bracelets, and, finally, dance the night away while glowing like the Empire State Building at night. No one will complain about not having the best birthday party or being invited to said the best party.


5. Nerd

Nerd alert! Whether it is the candy or presence, everyone loves nerds. Computer nerds, science nerds, musical nerds, gaming nerds, even comic book nerds (I should know. I am one). Instruct your guests to bring out their inner nerd, and to come wearing their black frames with tape in the middle, shorts up high past their waist, red, white, and black suspenders with a checkered shirt, underneath, and lastly, to wear their hair in pigtails or slicked back. Be sure to take lots of pictures. You never know when a moment like this will come again.

6. Luau

Everybody loves the feel of tiki torches, wearing a lei, and moving one’s hips from side to side. Not to mention the taste of some tiki punch. You can never go wrong with a proper Luau, to celebrate the day of someone’s birth.  So, put on your best Hawaiian shirt, throw on the grass skirt, dust off the coconut shells, and wear all the leis you’ve got. It is luau time, baby!


7. Masquerade

A ball does not have to be thrown to have guests come wearing a mask, keeping their identities hidden. Have guests come as they are: jeans and button-up shirt, shorts and a tee, a dress and heels, a leather jacket and boots, etc., along with the exception that they wear a mask of some sort. Being surrounded by people wearing masks of all shapes and colors indisputably adds on to the party with a sense of mystery and fascination.


8. Anything But Clothes

This one may be a little weird, but, nevertheless, a birthday party can be as weird as the host(s) want it to be. As long as the person being celebrated is happy, that is all that matters. For the proper attire of this birthday party, instruct your guests to make their outfits out of anything but clothes. This includes making pants and/or dresses out of garbage bags, putting duct tape on the edge of a shirt (garbage bag, newspaper, etc.,), making it have a better appearance, and wearing Ziploc bags over feet, like shoes. The ideas of attire for this party are limitless, or as limitless as the materials the guest chooses to use.

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9. Pajama Party

Everyone loves having a good pajama party for their birthday party! I should know, I’ve had six in my entire life. Maybe seven. Stash up on all the pajama party necessities: chips, popcorn, scary movies, a couple of chick-flicks, five tubs of ice cream (maybe more), and all the pillows and blankets you can carry. Tell your guests to show up in their comfiest, cutest pajamas. If you want to make things more interesting, instruct your guests to wear a onesie!


10. Red Carpet

Who would not want to go all out and walk down a red carpet for their birthday, let alone invite the guests to join them on the carpet, too? Have everyone dress up as their favorite celebrity, or dress as fancier versions of themselves, and walk down the red carpet, where they will prepare to accept their award.


11. Vegas

Unfortunately, not everyone has been to Las Vegas or experienced one night in the smallest, liveliest city. However, there are ways to arrange for that specific experience to take place at home or a nearby venue. Instruct all the to dress up in their Vegas attire. You could even hire someone to come as Elvis Presley and have him/her pretend to marry couples, where they are and stand, at the party. Next, to get the Vegas vibe going, set up a poker table, and designate someone or some people, to make a one or two drinks for guests, if they ask for it. Now, sit back, relax, and play poker and get drunk!


What type of birthday party are you planning? Any fun ideas for a theme? Let us know in the comments below.

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