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15 Theme Ideas For Hosting A Coronavirus is Over Party

15 Theme Ideas For Hosting A Coronavirus is Over Party

So one day, eventually, in what seems to be a far-out future, the coronavirus will be gone. It may take a while, but it will happen eventually! So for that day, here is a list of super fun themes that you can use to throw the best, and long-awaited “Coronavirus is Over Party.”

1. Great Gatsby

PLEASE. It’s 2020, we’ve hit the ‘Roaring 20’s’ and haven’t been able to celebrate since New Year’s (basically). So re-start the year right with a ‘Roaring 20’s’ party! Dress the part, have a champagne tower, loads of snacks, glitter and streamers, and whatever else you want. Kick-off the beginning to a new era by bringing back the old one. Plus, who doesn’t love a good flapper dress? Team that with some suave men or gangsters next to you, add in some feather boas, and you’re in for a kickin’ party.

15 Theme Ideas For Hosting A Coronavirus is Over Party

2. Taco Tuesday

It’s a Margaritaville. Make up for all those Tuesdays you and your friends couldn’t go out to the bars. Order in some tacos and set up a margarita station and you’re already in for a party. Add some festive decorations, tiki lanterns, string lights, streamers, inflatable palm trees, and more. Bonus if you have access to a pool! Or turn this party into a full-on outdoor barbecue. You have tons of options and what better way to celebrate the end of the coronavirus than with a massive Taco Tuesday? (But seriously, don’t forget the margaritas.)

15 Theme Ideas For Hosting A Coronavirus is Over Party

3. Black And White

Looking for a more elegant party? Try out a black and white theme, everyone has to wear either white or black, no exceptions. You could use black and white satin and voile cloth drapes with black and white feather masks, white Roman pillars, black and white glitter stars, white trees, black chandeliers, black and white feather hoops. You’re in for an elegant affair.

15 Theme Ideas For Hosting A Coronavirus is Over Party

4. Playboy Mansion

This one is fun and easy; all you need is a couple of silk robes and you’re golden. You can decorate in pink, red, and silver, with glittery decorations and cut-out bunnies. Serve some cocktails and just chill! Enjoy the finer things in life. This one is a huge crowd-pleaser, especially because you get to leave your house in a robe for maybe the only socially acceptable time. 

5. Casino Night

Missing Vegas? Make your own casino night! Decorate with red and gold, pull out a couple decks of cards, dice, and any other games you might have. Even pull out the board games! (They can get just as competitive). And if you don’t have any games on hand, make some! Start a beer pong tournament, play drinking games, and more. And you have so much variety with this one, you can make the party fancy and classy, or have it be more chill! It’s up to you.

15 Theme Ideas For Hosting A Coronavirus is Over Party

6. Toga Party

This is for all the frat parties you may have missed this semester at home. Toga parties can be super fun when they’re done right! Plus, it tends to be a lot cheaper than some of the other alternatives. You can decorate in white and gold, which can be easy with white sheets, and put up fake pillars.

15 Theme Ideas For Hosting A Coronavirus is Over Party

7. Murder Mystery

This party is generally for a more intimate group of people, a smaller amount of people are required. You can also serve drinks before, and dinner, making an event out of it. The dinner can often last you a long time while you’re busy solving a murder, and it’s fun to play the part. Each person, before arrival, is given a character and has to dress up as that character and play the part throughout the night until the ‘murder’ is solved. Clues are revealed throughout the night until finally the killer is revealed. It’s like a real-life version of the board game, ‘Clue’.

15 Theme Ideas For Hosting A Coronavirus is Over Party

8. Disco!

Nothing will liven up your friends and family more than a good disco. Everyone loves a good dress-up party so why not get everyone to come dressed in the fashion of the 1970’s disco era? You could put up a disco ball, add some colorful lights, brightly colored cocktails for the guests to drink while dancing to cheesy pop music! Everyone will have a blast.

15 Theme Ideas For Hosting A Coronavirus is Over Party

9. Red Carpet

Another more elegant party if that’s your style, you can set up a red carpet throughout the entrance and have your guests dress the part! Everyone loves dressing up anyways! In nice gowns and button-downs, we haven’t gotten to dress up in quite a while, as most of us have been at home in sweatpants every day, and it will be fun to appreciate the glamour of the party and the attire.

15 Theme Ideas For Hosting A Coronavirus is Over Party

1o. Tea Party

A more casual get together than some of the other options, but who doesn’t love a good tea party? With tea, and those adorable tiny sandwiches, plus miniature baked goods, your guests will be extremely pleased. You could go either way with this party, having a casual tea with friends, or going in a fancier direction, and being one of the ladies with those fancy hats on. Either way will be fun and a good way to reintroduce yourself to society and so-called normal living.

15 Theme Ideas For Hosting A Coronavirus is Over Party

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11. Movie Night

We all miss the movie theatre and the smell of the popcorn that overwhelms you right when you walk in. So, make your own movie night! Picking a movie off of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, or any other streaming service is easy. You can decorate in red and gold, make fake movie tickets, have loads and loads of popcorn, bowls of candy (don’t forget the Redvines), and more. You can create your very own cinema. And as long as you have pillows and blankets on the floor, you can invite as many people as you want!

15 Theme Ideas For Hosting A Coronavirus is Over Party

12. Glow in the Dark

If you’re looking for something a little more eccentric this is it. There are tons of glow in the dark party supplies online from decorations, shot glasses, party cups, and more. Tell your guests to wear neon or white and set up some black lights in the party area. This theme is a huge hit if you’re looking for a good old fashioned “get-drunk and dance” kind of a party, just make sure you have a good playlist and the night is set!

15 Theme Ideas For Hosting A Coronavirus is Over Party

13. Around The World

Do you miss traveling? Were your travel plans canceled this summer? Join the club. But after the coronavirus epidemic ‘leaves’ (for lack of a better word, is eradicated, a vaccine is created, whatever happens first) you can throw a party to commemorate all the places you want to go. Each room can be a different country, or you can have stations that represent different countries, and decorations that follow them. Bonus, you could offer your food and drinks from different areas from around the world!

14. Country Cookout

Finally, you get to see your family and friends again so what better way to celebrate than by having a full-on country cookout, massive potluck, barbecue extravaganza? Pump up the tunes and get the party started because you’re finally allowed to! Keep the grills on and the drinks flowing and you’ll be set for an awesome day.

15 Theme Ideas For Hosting A Coronavirus is Over Party

15. Birthday Party

Yes, I said it. All the poor unfortunate souls that had to celebrate their birthday in quarantine deserve a proper celebration and party. So throw a massive, collective, birthday party with candles, cake, decorations the whole shebang. Put up some streamers, get some cupcakes, and drinks, and celebrate for all those people who couldn’t celebrate their birthday before. And take a shot for every month you had to wait to have your birthday party.

This quarantine has been hard on all of us, and there’s no true end in sight. But what you can do, is  to plan for when this is all over, and have a party to commemorate it!

As always, leave any comments or questions below! Tried out any of these themes? Let us know how it went in the comments section!

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