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10 Thematic Decoration Ideas For Your Bedroom

Getting bored of your room? Need some new decoration ideas to spice it up? Maybe you want to change the theme altogether! If that’s the case, scroll through our list of 10 thematic decoration ideas to figure out the vibe that will best fit your cozy space! As a side note, a great way to find more inspiration is by finding a theme you like on this list and looking it up on Pinterest.

1. Grunge

The first theme on our list is the grunge theme! If you want your room to have a darker theme to it, try this one out. You can accomplish this by plastering your walls with band posters. If you play guitar, consider putting your guitar on the wall as well! Shelve your books on a black bookshelf and complete your room by lining the ceiling with LED lights. Checkered rugs are a great way to amplify this theme, along with a fun tapestry and some fake plastic records to hang on your wall.

2. Cottagecore

If you want to feel like your room is straight out of a fairytale, go for a cottagecore theme! To accomplish this, use vintage furniture pieces (vintage chair, vintage rug, etc.). Wicker baskets can be displayed all around your room to hold your personal belongings. Botanical prints are another great way to amplify the theme, as well as vintage curtains surrounding your bed and yellow sheets. Fairy lights are another great addition to the theme! You’ll feel like Snow White when you wake up in this calming room.

3. Indie

The indie theme is a really simple decoration idea you can accomplish! To start, print off a collage of posters to tape to your wall. An easy way to do this is by finding prints you like on Pinterest and printing them off. If you don’t own a printer, you can use the FedEx website to get them for a cheap price. Garnish your room with unique decorations like mushroom lamps, irregularly-shaped mirrors, flower pillows, and retro rugs. The beauty of this theme is that you can really make it your own. Get creative and get to decorating!

4. Nature

The nature theme is similar to the cottagecore theme, but this time, you’re going all out with the plants! Take a trip to Lowe’s and grab some unique plants that catch your eye. Put them in funky vases and spread them all around your room. Having a room filled with plants will instantly lift your mood, no matter what kind of day you’re having. If you want to lean into the green theme, give your bed a green duvet and lay out some green rugs. You can hang your plants around your bed, window, or even grab some artificial ivy leaves to hang across your walls!

5. Artsy

If you love to draw, paint, or create, turn your room into an art studio! Lean into the artsy theme by hanging your most valuable creations on the wall. Designate a corner of your room to creating your art by surrounding it with your favorite pieces that you’ve created, or even your favorite pieces that others have created, to get motivated! Following this theme by displaying your works is a great way to really make your room your own in the sense that nobody will have the same type of decorations!

6. Academia

If you enjoy reading, the academia theme is a great decoration idea for your room! The academia theme is characterized by spinning globes, bookshelves upon bookshelves, candles, and walls filled with your favorite quotes. Be sure to have a desk with plenty of space for statues and ink pots. This theme typically uses neutral beige and brown colors when it comes to decorations, giving your room an effortlessly classy look. Warm lighting is also a must – nothing too harsh!

7. Pastel

Contrasting the academia theme, pastel is all about adding some gorgeous color to your room! Grab some pastel rugs, pastel pillows, a heart-shaped mirror, and pastel collage pics to really lean into this theme. This theme is all about keeping your room cute and light-hearted. Another fun way to amplify the pastel theme is to grab a ton of irregularly-shaped nightstands, bookshelves, and mini tables. Add some lavender plants, or really any plant with a pretty color!

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8. Vintage

Vintage rooms are a fun way to get creative! You can easily find tons of unique products by visiting any antique store and letting your creativity flow. Fill your room with vintage clocks, antique mirrors, retro table lamps, and old-fashioned record players. Go for a rustic dresser rather than a modern design. You can easily find vintage-themed collage photos on Pinterest as well, so plaster your walls with those! If you like to incorporate the vintage style into your fashion, display your favorite fashion staples on a clothing rack! The possibilities are truly endless with this theme.

9. Boho

If you enjoy organic elements and cultural combinations, the boho theme may be perfect for your room! This theme uses a color palette that encompasses warm and earthy tones. Use multiple different light sources in your room by picking different light bulbs for your lamps. A great way to lean into this theme is by using wooden decorations! Wooden picture frames, dressers, and desks are a great way to make your room boho. Go for botanical images and hang some plants around your room. You can include a tapestry with the sun on it and a comfy, earthy-toned duvet. Put up some warm fairy lights and clip polaroid pictures of you and your friends to them!

10. Vaporwave

Feel like you’re in the city by following the vaporwave theme for your room! Vaporwave is all about neon, neon, and more neon. Hang up plenty of LED lights along with neon signs. You can find funky vaporwave art prints on Pinterest to put on your wall as well! A great addition to the vaporwave theme would be a galaxy night light projector (there are tons of these on Amazon). If you want to lean in to the unusual side of this theme, find some psychedelic, trippy tapestries to hang on your ceiling and walls!

Which of these decoration themes is your favorite? Leave a comment and let us know which theme you’ll be copying!

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