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The Worst Places To Have Lunch At In San Diego State University

The Worst Places To Have Lunch At In San Diego State University

Picture this: you’re at San Diego State University starting (or reliving) your first year on campus, looking for an amazing spot to have lunch. It’s a big school, with a wide array of areas and locations that both impress and intimidate you. Some of these spots may make for some bad times ahead. Here is a list warning you which of these spots are the worst to eat lunch at!

1. West Commons

We’re not going to be pulling any punches here, SDSU peeps! West Commons is a contender as one of the worst places to have lunch at San Diego State University. While the building does host a suitable display of varying food selections, having lunch there, however, is unenjoyable. 

For anyone considering eating here, West Commons is far too small of a building to comfortably have a meal within the desirable lunchtime hours. The space ratio between tables is abysmally small, leaving the interior crowded and overstuffed come noon when other students flood in.  

The site also lacks for those seeking a lunch spot with appealing scenery. Because it’s on the very western periphery of the SDSU, West Commons is far too removed from campus to enjoy any of the aesthetics that San Diego State University has been known to offer. On top of that, making the journey to and from West Commons is daunting given its distance from nearly everything else. 

Oh, and let’s not forget about that slope you’ll most likely have to scale coming out of West Commons! Since more than half the campus faces away from West Commons, you’ll likely find yourself needing to slog through that slope on a full belly!

The Worst Places To Have Lunch At In San Diego State University

2. Scripps Cottage

Among the worst places to have lunch at San Diego State University would be Scripps Cottage. It is a beautiful area with gorgeous scenery all around that supplies you with the glamorous packaging of San Diego weather… and nothing more. This area is more of a prop set than for any practical usage, especially in regards to a relaxing lunch spot. 

SDSU’s Scripps Cottage hosts few seating arrangments, so lunch with friends is practically impossible! You’d find better accommodations admitting defeat and sitting on the grass fields that surround the cottage. Who says losers never prosper?

And did we forget to mention film majors and clubs just love asserting their stomping grounds here? With beauty comes a price, dear readers.

The Worst Places To Have Lunch At In San Diego State University

3. Empty Classrooms

Being too early is never a bad thing! But, sometimes, the choice to sit and have lunch in a classroom you’re inevitably going to attend for over the next hour is among the worst choices to have lunch at SDSU. We assume the empty classroom you’re eating at is yours because the alternative to that would be… quite odd. 

Eating lunch indoors in areas you’ll eventually need to be at is necessary for times of rain or snow. But this is San Diego we’re talking about! San Diego is the city with some of the best weather in the world! SDSU boasts some claim to that climate, it’s in the center of San Diego county, after all. 

When it’s unnecessary, the inside of a classroom is the worst place to eat lunch at San Diego State University. San Diego does not need more people to take its climate for granted, especially if you’re from out of state! 

The Worst Places To Have Lunch At In San Diego State University

4. Turtle Pond

This next spot on our list isn’t so much a warning for you so much as it is for the residents of San Diego State University’s Turtle Pond. Turtle Pond is exactly that, a pond full of residing turtles and even koi fish, too. 

What makes Turtle Pond one of the worst places to eat lunch at San Diego State, however, is the vast amount of students that neglect the area. Sure, eating lunch here is fine if you’re sitting down to watch splashing turtles. But please keep track of your food and leftovers! 

Lunchtime is usually be crammed between classes for most students, so keeping your own garbage disposal and food crumbs in check won’t be guaranteed in the face of an oncoming class session you might accidentally run late for. 

So, please, let’s just reserve Turtle Pond for other sessions outside of lunchtime.

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The Worst Places To Have Lunch At In San Diego State University

5. Student Union’s Starbucks

What sort of university student doesn’t get by solely off coffee these days? Sometimes the grind is too much without a little caffeine in your diet! That said, maybe don’t rely on the Starbucks located in the Student Union building to be a reliable source for a good lunch and recovery spot. 

The ideal lunch is supposed to be a reprieve of some sort, a time to rest and catch your body up with the busy schedule you have for campus life. The Student Union Starbucks is not a relaxing atmosphere in the slightest sense of the word. 

Packed almost every hour within the desired lunchtime timestamp, this Starbucks cannot contain the massive lines and people that fill its store to the brim.

The Worst Places To Have Lunch At In San Diego State University

6. Designated Eating Areas

We’re not just talking about the cafeteria and food court here, people! We’re talking every small (and it must be said, small) eating area built and designed for eating. The miscellaneous avenues clearly meant for a well-deserved lunch break!

The mini lunch tables awkwardly placed in weird corners or amidst the sea of students crossing to their next class. The benches next to the Farmer’s Market meant to act as everyone’s table and chair. Practically all these designated eating areas make for the worst lunch spots.

We understand the effort. Really, we do. But what is the point of all these spots if there are hardly any chairs, tables, space, and accommodation for the stressed-out university student?

The Worst Places To Have Lunch At In San Diego State University

Part of the fun of campus life is letting yourself experience college all for yourself. So, if you’re attending, or about to attend SDSU, consider exploring all corners of the campus and let us know what spots you think would be just plain awful to have lunch at! Drop a comment below with whatever wonderful insights you find along your journey!

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