The Worst Bars In NYC To Avoid

The worst bars in NYC are so bad it's worth knowing for amusement. Find out what the worst bars in New York City are and why you shouldn't go to them.

If you’re cold and need to warm up with some holiday grog or schnapps, then please avoid these 10 driving establishments. Here are the worst bars in NYC.

1. Il Duce (Essex Street):

WWII Italian-themed bar resplendent with posters of the 1930’s Fascist Movement caters to the nouveaux rich, Euro-Trash crowd all with “paid for” royal titles (e.g., Countess Crostini).drink, pink, and food image

2. Xiao Ren Spa (155 East 49th Street):

Not really a Spa. A dive Chinese restaurant with no kitchen and two liquor licenses. Signature drink: Atomic Jinlin Bomb named after the Chinese region close to the North Korean bomb testing site. The restaurant shakes every night at 9pm in honor of their signature drink.

3. Pankaj Singh Tavern (12 East 10th Street):

Named after an Indian Busboy who imploded unexpectedly, this Tavern only sells Indian made liquor.  Helped the proprietor Anglicize the establishment and renamed it Pancake Singer Tavern.

drink, watermelon, and sunglasses image

4. Tora! Tora! Tora! (20 West 50th Street):

Failing Japanese club with watered down liquor.  Reamed Torah! Torah! Torah! and is doing good business as a Kosher Deli

5. OTB (675 Third Avenue):

Originally an Off Track Betting parlour.  It kept the signage and is known for its One Terrible Beer.drink, cocktail, and pink image

6. Pigeon Toed Orange Peel (Great Jones Street):

A retro, psychedelic blast from the 1960’s which went out of business due to its 1960 prices ($0.50 for a shot of premium whisky).

7. Magilla, Mr Peebles and Ogee (10 East 65th Street):

A Hanna-Barbera themed Bar that serves no alcohol but has live play characters and themed breakfasts.drink, food, and summer image

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8. Ad Daze (777 Third Avenue):

Located in the old Grey Advertising Building.  Caters to the 4 girls sharing an apartment on York Avenue while they live out their dreams working for an Ad Agency at slave wages.  Particularly targeted towards narcissistic Smith grads whose Mommy pays her rent.

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9. The Kim Jong Ill Bar (Port Authority Bus Terminal Basement):

The name says it all.  All drinks must toast the fat, malignant Dwarf who runs the Hermit Kingdom.  If you must go then visit on Tuesday nights for “Kill your Closest Confidants ” night.drink, summer, and green image

10. Samson Shillitoe’s Pub (Roosevelt Ave and 95th Street):

This Queens haunt used to be a “happening” gay bar but it’s turned into a “beer and shot” joint for disgruntled would be poets and Phd’s with Philosophy degrees driving for Uber. This truly is one of the worst bars in NYC.

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