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The Workout Playlist You’ve Been Searching For

The Workout Playlist You’ve Been Searching For

The Workout Playlist You've Been Searching For

There is nothing worse than working out without music. I don’t think I could make it through my routine without that added lyrical motivation. However, sometimes the same old tracks start to get repetitive. Here is the workout playlist you’ve been searching for!

1. Bad Guy

This infectious Billie Eilish song is the perfect song to kick off that cardio with. Eilish details in the track how she is not that perfect girl and takes on this larger than life persona. In doing so, she’s seen as the “bad guy” among other stereotypes for not fitting in. The song is basically a dis-track to those guys who treat girls like they’re lesser than or make you feel bad when their girlfriends get jealous. So if you want a track that starts the fire within, this funky Eilish hit will do the trick!

2. Bloodline

In the first few seconds of hearing this song, you want to get up in move! This song by Ariana Grande tells the tale of just wanting to keep things casual with a guy, but he’s too serious. It’s brass-infused backbeat, which is also full of a steady bass and percussion, makes this track high energy. The beat is very easy to run or cycle in rhythm along to!


3. Candy Paint

An underrated Post Malone song for sure, Candy Paint is one of the hidden gems off the album Beerbongs and Bentleys. With cunning lyrics and a sick backbeat, this track is perfect whether you’re doing cardio or just floor exercises. Plus the song exudes confidence, which is all something we seek while working out at the gym!

4. Craving You

A country song on your workout mix? Um, why not! Plus this track is not necessarily full country and definitely gives off a more pop vibe. Thomas Rhett and Maren Morris created a song full of intense desire that one feels in the presence of the one they love and how they are not complete without them. The song has a quick tempo and is perfect as that last push in your cardio routine!

5. Love Lockdown

A throwback Kayne West track? Yes because we all know old Kanye is the best Kanye. The beat of this song sounds like a heartbeat, and its chorus features tribal-like rhythmic sections. West sings about not wanting to let go of past love and how this pains him.


6. Swimming Pools

Before Kendrick Lamar hit it really big, only a few OG fans knew about his album “good kid, m.A.A.d city” and the fire track “Swimming Pools.” While I was not one of these people, my brother was and he showed me this song. Even though at the time I was not the biggest fan of rap, I was captivated by this song. From then on the song has always been on any of my workout mixes as Lamar’s lyrics and the backbeat evoke certain energy that is impossible to not want to move to.

7. High Horse

This song will always hold a special place in my heart, as it is the track that first introduced me to the lovely Kacey Musgraves. It’s disco and dreamy beat make it a fitting song to lift weights to. The lyrics detail frustrations with someone who is self-absorbed and utterly annoying to be around. I think we can all think of someone in our life who reminds us who’s she’s singing about, just as an added motivator!

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8. Close To Me

This synth hit by Ellie Goulding, Diplo, and Swae Lee is quite hypnotic in nature and starts out slow, but has a chorus that will have you pumped up for sure. The song is about wanting to be close to the one you love. Diplo’s beats, combined with Goulding’s amazing vocals and Swae Lee’s crisp verse, create perfection. It’s peppy beat and optimistic nature will have you cranking out those last few reps!


This is Amy Winehouse’s most peppy song for sure. It stands out from other material in her repertoire as many of her songs were quite raw and slow in nature. The song details of being desperately in love with someone, even though they are a complete mess. Mark Ronson’s influence is clear in the arrangements of strings, brass, and percussion, making it a foot-tapper for sure. I’d recommend this track right when you begin weight lifting or floor exercises!

10. Under Pressure

This Queen and David Bowie track may sound familiar even if you haven’t heard it before, as it was sampled by Vanilla Ice in the ’90s hit “Ice Ice Baby”. But no offense to Vanilla Ice, the magic of Freddie Mercury’s voice in harmony with David Bowie’s is irreplicable. The song details the build-up of the stress we feel in our daily lives specifically focusing on our love lives. Part of the reason you are going to gym is probably to relieve some stress and since this song is literally speaking to that exact feeling, you should for sure give it a listen when you’re on a machine!


Which songs will you add to your workout playlist? Let us know in the comments!

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