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The Workout Plan You Would Enjoy Most According To Your Zodiac Sign

Ever wonder why you can not stick to your workout plan? Well, maybe the reason for your inconsistency is because you have not picked a routine that fits you best according to who you are. In this article, I will give you some workout plans and physical activities that match your zodiac sign. I am writing this with hopes that you will find a method that will stick!


Aries is a fire sign. People who are born from March 16 – April 19, are found to be passionate,  temperamental, and enthusiastic. An Aries finds themselves pushing towards success because they are natural achievers. They embody energy and strength.

 Aries tend to prefer activities that give them a challenge! Therefore, a workout that is physically more demanding and high in energy will likely be more enjoyable for those with this sign. Some examples of that would be cycling, weight training, CrossFit, or karate. These workouts will give Aries more gratification after completed.


This earth sign of Taurus is easily the most powerful sign in the Zodiac. They are dependable, patient, and determined. Their patience gives them an upper hand in grasping tasks that others find hard and frustrating.

A physical activity a Taurus would probably enjoy would be anything having to do with nature. Such as hiking, yoga, running, or a simple at-home workout plan that consists of using one’s body weight. A Taurus is hard-working but has spells of laziness so, they have to find an activity that holds their attention and keeps them motivated. 


Geminis hate being confined and controlled by others or systems. They are air signs that are seen to be adventurous, exciting, and creative. They bring life to the party and hate boring consistent routines.

They would prefer exercises that are out of the box and easy to switch up. Yoga, tennis, dance, gymnastics, or biking would be suggested for a Gemini. These activities will bring out the best in them.


This water sign ruled by the Moon does not like being criticized and loves to be alone. Being driven and having perseverance is a significant part of who they are. 

Many Cancers, like any solitary time they can get. Due to their mood swings, they commonly like activities that give them a mental and emotional break, a distresser. This may include bike riding, surfing, gym time, home workouts, and swimming.


Leos is a fire sign ruled by the Sun. They desire to be upfront and center for drama and excitement. However, they are also ambitious natural leaders.

Workout methods a Leo would possibly like are ones that involve having fun and being social. Cardio, dance, Aerobics, team sports, or cycling are good options for Capricorns.


Virgo is an earth sign that is grounded and very intelligent. They seem to enjoy being analytical and practical. Virgos tend to complain more than others, but they will complete any task given because they are dedicated.

We can see that the exercises that best fit Virgos are typically yoga, heavyweights, medium-paced home workouts, or a sport that takes strategy (soccer or surfing).


Libras love to have fun. This air sign likes to be relaxed and creative. Libras are not the most active sign but are found to be regularly cooperative. 

Libras tend to stay away from demanding activities. So, a workout that is exciting and upbeat is the way a Libra should go. A Zumba class or high energy cycling, as well as a fun at-home workout with blasting music, will get the attention of most Libras.


The Scorpio, water sign, is one that is ruled by Pluto and Mars. Those with this sign are full of passion and mystery. A Scorpio is very competitive but is not naturally athletic. However, because of their resourcefulness and motivation, they will find a way to get the job done.

A Scorpio should try out a competitive sport or join a social exercise class like cycling, CrossFit,  Aerobics, or  Zumba. These activities give Scorpios a rush of excitement that they love.

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This fire sign is always ready and energized. A Sagittarius is keen, enthusiastic, and up for any challenge. Unlike a Scorpio, a Sagittarius is pretty athletic. Sports are typically secure areas for them. A Sagittarius is open-minded, and specialize in doing whatever is needed to complete an assignment.

A Sagittarius tends to draw towards activities that are upbeat and ambitious. Swimming, sports, weight training, or cycling give a Sagittarius a lot of satisfaction.


If you were born from December 22 – January 19, then you are a reliable and strong-willed Capricorn. Having control and discipline are the Capricorn’s strengths. 

Capricorns have a love for activities that take endurance. This leads to them getting involved in running, CrossFit, cycling/biking, swimming, or resistance workout routines that they can alternate. 


This air sign is ruled by Uranus and Saturn. An Aquarius is adventurous, creative, and desire both freedom and stability. They are also not generally intrigued by sports or athleticism but do love being a part of social groups.

Activities that an Aquarius would enjoy are the ones that are in the creative field and that have less structure. Therefore, biking, dance, a versatile gym routine, and CrossFit would be up an Aquarius’s alley.


Pisces is a water sign that is found to be easy going and adaptable. They are willing to give their all in every task they begin. Therefore, they are described as very devoted. They tend to be accepting and compassionate, as well.

It is told that Pisces would lean towards a more simple but effective workout. Aerobics, dance, swimming, Aerobatics, or a fun free-flowing home or gym workout routine would be what a Pisces prefers.

Try out a workout plan that matches your Zodiac sign. Let us know in the comment section below if you found some of the exercises listed more enjoyable and fitting for you!

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