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The Weirdest Reasons Why People Broke Up With Their Partners

The Weirdest Reasons Why People Broke Up With Their Partners

If you’ve broke up with someone, then you know they are some of the hardest things we have to go through. You get the news, and you’re in shock almost to a point of disbelief. You fight back tears and slowly ask, why? Well, imagine if they told you it is because you slept with another person in their dream. That happened to a poor guy on our list, so please enjoy the Weirdest Reasons Why People Broke Up With Their Partners!

1. Uhmmmmm….

“This girl would say “Uhm” in literally every sentence. I can usually deal with people doing stuff like that, but it was every single sentence started with “Uhm”, and if she told me a 5 sentence story, she would say it 5 times. I could not f______ do it.”

2. Dream Cheater

“My ex dumped me because she had dreams of me cheating on her but in reality, I wasn’t cheating at all. She would spend the day being a total b____ for something I never did. She would give me the cold shoulder and she won’t let me hug or kiss her. Eventually, she dumped me and claims the dreams were reoccurring so it has to mean I’m cheating on her. I’m happy that’s over she was getting pretty crazy.”


3. Voting

In no way am I taking any political stance when I say the following, but to a point, the idea of breaking up with someone because of who they voted for is pretty weird. I understand many of you might think I am crazy for saying that but hear me out. Other than saying “they voted for ______”, what other reason is there? Okay, I can maybe get behind it if they were against a specific issue you were for. I just do not understand breaking up with someone who has the same belief system as you, but they voted for another person than you did. It’s sad really because this is just proof that politics gets in the way of love sometimes. Some might say that these breakups are for the better, but that is another argument for another day.

The Weirdest Reasons Why People Broke Up With Their Partners

4. She Made That Up

“Junior year in high school. Was with someone that I had a crush on for about a year. We finally become a couple and three days later, she broke up with me claiming she got a D on her science test and her mom said she can’t be with me. A few days later she goes back to her ex. I see her now at the gym and she doesn’t recognize me.”


The Weirdest Reasons Why People Broke Up With Their Partners

5. Commitment

“It was four days before my birthday, and she said she was going to get me something. I knew I couldn’t break up with her for 30 days after she got me the gift. I was not ready to make a 34-day commitment to this relationship. I dumped her.”

6. For Your Friends

This is another post that has less of a single time we can pinpoint, and rather is an idea. The idea of breaking up with someone because your friends like them are incredibly weird. I understand you want your friends to be happy, but if your S/O makes you happy, then forget your friends! Don’t let your friends tell you how to live. There are countless stories you can find online of people who broke up with their partner for their friends and deeply regretted it! No one knows better than you do. Additionally, if you encourage a friend to break up, you are a terrible friend. Just because you’re loveless doesn’t mean we all have to be too!

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7. Breaking Wind

Passing gas is human nature, but can it get to a point that is bad enough to break up over it? Well, a guy here is having that exact issue. His girlfriend is breaking up with him because he farts too much. What makes it even better though is the woman who answered the question explaining how her husband farts but she wouldn’t leave him for it. The entire page is gold.

The Weirdest Reasons Why People Broke Up With Their Partners


8. My Brother

“I never technically broke up with the boy, but I grew up my entire life with this guy and we slowly became best friends as we got older. We did everything together, and when we got to high school, everyone kind of expected us to get together. I never did though, and there was one specific reason why. He had the same name as my brother. If we were to ever do anything together, I would be saying the name of my brother, and that freaked me out. It is a shame because I would have rocked his world.”

9. My Personal Woes

I wouldn’t feel right pointing out everyone else’s weird breakups without confessing one of my own. In this case, I was the one who got dumped and it stuck with me for a long time after it happened. The small back story here, I was really good friends with this girl for years. I thought she was the sweetest girl I ever met. We liked the same movies, music, and we just vibed together. I had the biggest crush on her, so when she gave me the time of day in high school, I was ecstatic. I remember her and I constantly ripping on this group of girls who didn’t like me for some reason, but she said she hated them too so we would sit back a joke about them constantly. A few days later, she began avoiding me, and I wanted to know what happened? Finally, she approached me at school with that exact group of girls and handed me a note. The front said “For Coby…” and when I opened the note, it simply said “It’s Over, Buh Bye” followed by a lipstick kiss mark on the page from every girl in the group. I looked up at the group who were all smiling and walking away when one of them congratulated her for dumping me. I didn’t even know she was friends with them. Later, I asked why she did that, to which she simply replied “they wanted me too”. More or less, I was the pawn in a weird initiation game to join the plastics. As soon as she broke up with me, she was in. 


I want to say that you should never stay in a relationship if you do not want to. While these people’s reasons may seem weird to us, it should in no way invalidate the breakup. Do you have an even weirder breakup story? Make sure you let us know in the comments down below.