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The Weirdest Active Law In Each State

The Weirdest Active Law In Each State

Weird laws are laws that on the surface, seem like they serve little to no reason for it being a law. Some of them are just silly, some are dumb, and some can even seem horribly dated and controversial. No state is safe from this list, so join us as we count down the weirdest active law in each state. Bonus points for if you have broken any of these laws, even though you most likely have not broken Montanas law…


Stink bombs and other devices white “create disagreeable odors” are strictly outlawed.


You can not give alcohol to a moose according to one of Alaska’s many weird laws.



You must obtain a special license to feed garbage to a pig.


In Arkansas, it is illegal for the Arkansas River to rise higher than the Main Street Bridge.


A woman can not drive a motor vehicle while wearing a nightgown.



You can not keep a couch on your porch. I don’t know why you had one there in the first place but to each their own.

The Weirdest Active Law In Each State


My favorite of the weird laws is that you can not call a pickle a pickle unless it can bounce.



Pawnshops can not accept artificial limbs or wheelchairs. This is honestly probably for the better…


A dog owner is liable if their dog bites you on their property unless they have a “vicious dog” or “bad dog” sign displayed.


Members of the Georgia State Assembly can not be pulled ticketed for speeding while the State Assembly is in session.


Billboards are strictly illegal with a few exceptions for health & other public service announcements.


It is illegal to ride Merry-go-rounds on Sundays. 


You can not hang anything from your rearview mirror. So, sorry, your car is going to smell like poop.

The Weirdest Active Law In Each State


You are not allowed to catch a fish with your bare hands.


A one-armed piano player MUST perform for free.


In Kansas, you are not allowed to hunt rabbits from a motorboat.


Bow & Arrow fishermen can only legally fish for catfish.


A spectator of a boxing match may not mock one of the boxes.


After January 14th, you will be fined for leaving Christmas decorations up. They should adopt that law everywhere.


Technically, giving or receiving oral sex is illegal in Maryland. The full law includes animals too.


You can be arrested for dancing to the Star-Spangled Banner, due to a pretty excessively patriotic law in 1917.


While adultery is illegal in several states, Michigan has the longest history of acting on the law.


Nursing homes and other centers for senior citizens can only hose BINGO twice a week.


The Anti-Bloomberg Bill… Just look it up and laugh your ass off.

The Weirdest Active Law In Each State


Unmarried men between 21 & 50 must pay a $1 tax for being alone. This was enacted back in 1820, where $1 was a lot more money, and more men were probably single.


Seven or more Indians are considered to be a war party, and it is completely legal to shoot them. Do not hate me for the terminology I used, they made the law.


Technically, a person with venereal diseases can not get married in Nebraska.


Sex toys are a no go… but they have some of the most relaxed prostitution laws in the United States. Seems a bit ass-backward to be honest.

New Hampshire

Sushi chefs will be mad that you can not legally collect seaweed off the beach.

New Jersey

Obviously, they have the same laws against murder that every state has. However, in New Jersey, you can be charged separately for dawning bullet-proof vests during the crime.

New Mexico

The law against indecent exposure specifically says you can not show your genitals, however, it never says anything about the butt.

New York

Bagels that are cut and prepared have an extra tax; uncut bagels are tax-free.

North Carolina

If you are caught drunk while riding a horse, you can be subject to a DWI.

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North Dakota

North Dakota’s Dry Pea and Lentil Council must be citizens of North Dakota.


The operator of an underground coal mine must provide enough toilet paper for each person at every toilet.

The Weirdest Active Law In Each State


The owner of a bar can not allow anyone inside to pretend to have sex with an animal.


It is illegal to place a container filled with human poop on the side of any highway.


Obviously, human trafficking is against the law, but Pennsylvania makes it very clear that you can not barter an infant.

Rhode Island

Although this law is shrouded in confusion, cap guns are completely legal, but a gun that fires blanks is against the law.

South Carolina

Minors are not allowed to play pinball.

South Dakota

You are not allowed to show any movies that depict police being disrespected and/or hurt.


It is illegal to share your Netflix password.


People wishing to run for office must acknowledge the “Supreme Being.” Basically, an atheist can not run for office in Texas.


You may not show any movies that include police officers being treated offensively.


While a dove can freeze to death in the harsh winter climate, you can not put a dove in your freezer.


Technically, it is a misdemeanor for unmarried couples to have sex.


You can not buy a mattress on Sunday. So just don’t do it.

West Virginia

You can not whistle underwater.


Butter substitutes are banned unless you have special permission.

The Weirdest Active Law In Each State


Skiing under the influence was so bad, they created a law specifically combating it.

These weird laws were wild, huh? I guess it is important to say that most of these laws have a reason why they were created, so they probably do serve some sort of purpose. Except for Montana, what the fuck Montana? Did I forget any weird laws, and have you broken any of these weird laws? Just let us know in the comments below!