The Weightlifting Moves That Will Completely Change Your Body Composition

Weightlifting has the ability to completely change your body composition. It can be a fun source of energy and power to throw up some weights and lift heavier and heavier each week. But while you are lifting heavier, you can also change the way your body is powered and how it looks. If you want a bigger and more round or toned butt, weightlifting is the way, you want toned arms, try out some weightlifting moves! I promise you don’t know what you are missing out on with some heavy lifting in your workout. Sure they may be slower results, but they will be the most worth it results you’ve received from the gym. Allow this article to be my gift to you if you have not yet found weightlifting. It will be a while before you get those hot results, but once you do, you will not want to turn back!

So which moves should you be doing consistently for those real gains? Check them out below! Once you start weightlifting you won’t be able to stop! It’ll become the fitness obsession you didn’t realize was possible to love.

1. Hip Thrusts

Let’s start with some hip thrusts, a move that some are nervous to do yet a move that will get you the strong and toned butt you’ve always dreamed of. Start off small as you would with any kind of weightlifting, meaning try thrusting with a twenty-pound¬†dumbell or something smaller. Try thrusting with just your body weight to get the feel. You should be looking straight ahead, not up or anywhere to the side. Your hips are what you’ll be thrusting so you should feel your legs and butt tighten when pulling any kind of weight up.

When you start lifting heavier with a hip thrust then after a year you will begin to notice how much stronger and perkier your glutes will be. Pancake butt who? We don’t know her because our hip thrusts are on point! Add in this move to your workouts for the best glutes of your life!

The Weightlifting Moves That Will Completely Change Your Body Composition

2.Dead Lifts

Dead lifts are a great compound leg movement that you cannot miss out on. You’ll be getting your glutes and your hamstrings all in one move. Its another leg lift close to the hip thrust that will seriously boost your booty gains.

How to do it correctly you ask? Make sure that your back is flat and you push your hips back. When you pull up with your barbell, make sure that you are pulling up with your butt and hamstrings, not your back. To completely ensure that you don’t hurt your back in this workout, again go slow with the weights your pulling, meaning you should definitely start out small to get the feel of the movement. Then one important thing besides keeping your back flat is keeping your eyes ahead of you to the ground, your head being aligned with your spine.

The Weightlifting Moves That Will Completely Change Your Body Composition

3. Lat Pull Downs

Lat pull downs are great for biceps, and the total back. You can sculpt a waist with the lat pull down movement to help your back appear stronger and leaner, while your waist will suddenly become whittled in comparison.

When you are doing a lat pull down, make sure you pull your hips all the way up against the bars, and the bar you pull down is directly over the top of your head until you pull it down all the way to your chest. But make sure you don’t boing your chest on the way down. Soon you’ll have the sculpted back you’ve always wanted, and the plus? a smaller waist, athletic and strong arms. Haven’t decided if weightlifting is for you yet? Wait until you check out those squats.

The Weightlifting Moves That Will Completely Change Your Body Composition

4. Squats

I know, another compound leg movement, I know, I know. But seriously they’re great for keeping your foundation strong, and who doesn’t love some great looking legs? Squats look easy to master but take some time to truly get down. Keep your stomach sucked in, your legs tight, back straight and eyes ahead of you. Just like the dead lifts you want to make sure that you don’t hurt your back in this movement by curving it, or not having your head aligned with your spine.

Once you get the squat move down, there won’t be anything you can’t do. It will totally transform the look of your legs and butt. It is a great compound movement for your booty gains, hamstrings, and quads. This is definitely another movement you cannot miss out on and you won’t want to once you see all the benefits.

The Weightlifting Moves That Will Completely Change Your Body Composition

7. Chest Press With Dumbells

A great move to help the strength of your chest, shoulders, triceps, and biceps. This is an all around move that will change your upper body appearance. For my girls out there, fixing up your chest strength will help you with perkier boobs and some sexy and strong arms. Doing a chest press with either a dumbell or barbell is up to you, I personally do them with dumbells and it works just great!

This is a compound arm movement that you cannot leave behind in the dust, it will transform your upper body on your shoulder and tricep days. Didn’t think you could get any better than push-ups? Well, this movement is much better than push-ups and will give you all the perks and more.

The Weightlifting Moves That Will Completely Change Your Body Composition

Love weightlifting yet? I definitely love the feeling of lifting weights, but I also love what it’s done for my body! Don’t worry you won’t get massive unless if you are eating in a surplus of food. However, these compound movements will be great to add to your weekly workout routines. In just a year you will see major growth, as long as you are pushing yourself and lifting heavy weights.

Anyone can lift weights, and what better time to start than now? Which weightlifting compound movements are you going to try out? Do you already love weightlifting and have some great tips? Share them with us below!

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