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The Ultimate Zero Waste Travel Essentials Checklist

The Ultimate Zero Waste Travel Essentials Checklist

Traveling is super exciting and I am assuming that because you are reading this article, you are planning a trip! So congratulations, you will have an amazing time. With that being said, in this modern era, it is important to be conscious of abiding by a zero water travel essentials checklist! Check out the one I put together below!

1.) Bars of Soap

Using body washes means using plastic! Whether you buy your own travel-sized body washes or use the ones provided in the hotel, you are still using one-use plastic. The best way to avoid this is to use bars of soap! They will last longer, weigh almost the same amount and help the environment. Plus you have more options in scents and can support local businesses that sell handmade soap! 


2.) Buy Bulk

This is a no brainer for any frugal shopper or traveler but there can be another reason to buy in bulk too. That reason is zero waste! If you invest in reusable plastic containers then you can grab bulk-sized shampoo and conditioner and fill up your smaller reusable tubes for travel! Also, another plus to buying bulk is that you will generally get a better price due to the larger quantities warranting a lower overall price. This is great news for those travelers on a budget!

3.) Bring Carry-On Luggage Only

By bringing only carry-on luggage, you cut down on the gas used to transport larger luggage and paper used to tag the luggage and the transfer paperwork. It also helps you to get into a minimalistic lifestyle. Bring fewer clothes and collect more experience! Invest in a wardrobe with essential colors that all match one another so that way when you reach into your suitcase whatever you grab will be perfect! 


4.) Utilize Your Phone

Using your laptop, tablet, or another electronic device for your boarding pass and other necessary travel documents will cut down on the amount you have to print out! Additionally, if you are going to be relying only on your technology, which you totally should, make sure that you have your chargers! Airports have charging areas and outlets everywhere so you will definitely have plenty of places to charge. Also, since you are using your technology anyway, download some movies and shows to watch on the airplane on airplane mode. Then you won’t have to purchase in-flight Wifi or an in-flight movie. 

5.) Don’t Forget Your Headphones

Many airlines have started handing out disposable headphones to passengers in need and while this is a really nice advantage in a pinch, try your very best to bring your own headphones. Using the disposable ones means that they are one-time use and will be thrown away after your flight. After being thrown away, they will head straight for the landfill. If you do find yourself in this situation, don’t just throw them out. Instead, save them in your travel bag for the next emergency!



6.) Pack Your Own Snacks

Though airports won’t let you bring liquids through security, you can bring snacks with no problem! This helps cut down on plastic from quick stop places in the airport and helps you remain healthy on your travels! Why eat a soggy airport sandwich packaged in excess plastic when you can bring your own snacks that are yummy and good for you. Some scrumptious items for travels include granola bars, trail mix, fruit, sandwiches, salads, etc. Also, if you are dying to bring your protein drink but obviously can’t bring the liquid with you, then pack your protein powder and bring an empty reusable water bottle. 

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7.) Carry Reusable Eatery

This one will be rewarded not only while in the airport and on the plane but throughout your entire trip. Having reusable eatery means keeping the small wrap in your purse or backpack and taking it out whenever needed or offered plastic silverware. It is also just so pretty and will make that street food look even more elegant while you’re eating it! 


8.) Collapsible Cup

One of my all-time favorite products ever is this collapsible cup. There is nothing worse than feeling good about bringing your reusable water bottle on your trip to then have to cart the huge bottle around for the rest of the day. This one is amazing because when you want to fill it, you pop in open and when you finish your drink you squish it down and stow it away in your backpack. You can take advantage of public water fountains and faucets wherever they may be. Not only does this cup help cut down on space usage and plastic bottle uses, but it also can also hold both hot and cold beverages. So pop your morning coffee in it and head out the door and then rinse it out and start drinking your water! Also, most importantly, it’s super cute. 

9.) Reusable Bags

Reusable bags are all the rage lately and with good reason. The amount of plastic bags used each year is somewhat sickening. Reusable bags are a great investment as not only are they an easy solution to the plastic waste problem but they can double as a purse as they tend to have adorable designs! You should try this one. Not only is it so cute and practical, but it also packs up super tiny so you can keep it tucked wherever you may need it. The worst thing about using the reusable bag is remembering to bring it when you need it. With this bag, this isn’t a problem. 


10.) Makeup Wipes   

Obviously, this one only applies to you if you wear makeup, but it is important because many makeup brands have begun advertising individually wrapped wipes for one-time usage. Though this seems like a good idea, it uses way more plastic than necessary. Don’t be seduced while traveling by this marketing ploy, it almost takes up less space and uses less plastic if you pack a couple of wipes separately in a reusable zip-top bag. 

Traveling is a fantastic experience and by making a few changes in the way you pack, it can also be a fantastic aid to the earth. Let us know below whether you are planning to use this checklist for your zero waste travel excursion! 

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