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The Ultimate University Of Toronto Bucket List You Need To Complete

Here is a list of the 8 things every University of Toronto student must add to their ultimate university bucket list. No matter what campus you belong to within the Tri-Campus University we ultimately all belong to U of Tears.

Here’s how to make the most out of your university experience by checking off all the things off this ultimate university bucket list.

1. Get to Know an Indigenous Elder.

Away from the city and within a forest, the Mississauga campus of the University of Toronto is known for its nature trails. The university offers various indigenous outreach programs, which include drumming workshops and circle gatherings.

One of the most enriching and immersive activities offered is a walk with an indigenous elder amongst the nature trails surrounding. Getting to know the heritage of your university should definitely be on your bucket list!

2. Buy UofT Merch.

You got to represent your university by buying University of Toronto merchandise! You can also get creative and request custom and unique designs to be applied to sweaters, leggings, T-shirts, and more! These items will age well and will always serve to remind you of your university experience.

3. Get lost at Robarts Library.

Every UofT student must have visiting Robarts library be on their bucket list. The library is opened 24/7 during exam periods and contains 14 floors! Plus, an additional two underground for exploring. The library also offers private study rooms for booking, computer labs, and a cafeteria.

You must visit this library and have a hard time finding your way out of this massive building to be a real U of T grad.

4. Attend a Dinner with 12 Strangers.

This dinner program is run by the University of Toronto alumni, where individuals would host dinner at there homes for the current University of Toronto students. This program is helpful for possible mentorship and the development of enriching friendships.

That is why participating in this program should be on your bucket list as it connects you to the alumni network and community of the University of Toronto.

5. Visit a Farmer’s Market.

The Scarborough campus of the University of Toronto holds weekly farmer’s markets in the summer and hosts bi-weekly farmers markets indoors during the winter. They also offer sustainability workshops that offer education of living a more sustainable lifestyle, these are lessons that can be carried through post-graduation and thus should be on your bucket list!

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6. Mystery Artwork

Legend has it that located atop only one of the many staircases within the William Davis building is an art installation. This fact is not advertised, and the artwork can only be located by those who climb the various stairs in search of it. Be one of the few to locate this artwork and check it off their bucket list.

7. Use The Shuttle Service.

What seems like a minor service is actually quite a luxury. Every University of Toronto student should take advantage of the free shuttle service between Mississauga and Toronto, just flash you T-Card and you’re free to go. Forget the TTC, driving in rush hour traffic, or paying for an uber, the shuttle service makes the 40-minute commute so much easier.

No matter which campus you primarily go to this shuttle service aids in bringing all three campuses of the University of Toronto together. Being able to become familiar with all three campus thanks to the shuttle service should definitely be apart of your bucket list.

8. Graduate at Convocation Hall.

You better not opt out of attending your convocation, as the final step on the ultimate University of Toronto bucket list is having your picture taken with your degree on the grounds of King’s College Circle. This step is momentous and something every University of Toronto student should experience.

What else is on your University of Toronto bucket list? Let us know in the comments below!

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