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The Ultimate UCSD Bucket List

The Ultimate UCSD Bucket List

Besides all the things you should be doing like joining an organization or going to office hours, there are a few things you NEED to do as a  UCSD student before your graduate. Keep reading to discover the ultimate UCSD bucket list!




1. Pull an all-nighter at Geisel.

Now in no way am I encouraging students to pull all-nighters, because seriously who wants to anyway? But if you are, Geisel is the place to go. It’s 24 hours, there’s a cafe, couches to sleep on, and you really feel the love from the other students suffering with you.

2. Try more than 1 thing from all dining establishments.

Specialty restaurants, dining halls, food trucks, EVERYTHING. And I say more than 1 thing because even if you tried 1 thing that wasn’t good there, there’s still a whole world of other things that can be amazing.


3. Go to the beach with friends.

Might be a little obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people miss out. Heck, even stop by Black’s Beach (the nude beach).

4. Go to any game, show, or Loft performance.

UCSD is a great hub of actors, singers, comedians, dancers, and athletes. The school hosts anything from tedtalks, exhibitions, seminars, not to mention the Loft (a lounge just for performers!) hosts tons of gigs and events. And the best part is that they’re FFRREEEEEE.

5. Take a free UCSD Extension class.

Believe it or not the UCSD Grant program offers a $500 voucher towards a free Extension course every quarter to full-time UCSD students. Courses at UCSD Extension go from digital arts, arts & humanities, and languages to business and healthcare. That’s a $500 class for FREE. So if you’re poor and bored, just check out.


6. Go to Sun God festival.

One of the very few opportunities you can blow some steam and party on campus (relatively) legally. Once again, it’s FREEEEEEEE!

7. Find the Corgi man.

On campus there’s an alleged man with 2 of the fluffiest corgis you’ll ever see. You see him on campus but it’s sporadic and all over the campus. They even have their own Facebook page here. I mean it’s a kind old man + 2 corgis, what could be better?

8. Late night Vallartas/Tacos el Gordo run.

Probably a must for anybody living in San Diego…


9. Visit a beer brewery with friends.

San Diego is a beer mecca. There are a bunch of nearby breweries that invite taste tests and good food, not to mention some are beautiful AF. Some recommendations (Stone Brewery, Craft Beer).



10. Cross-border trip to Tijuana.

San Diego is less than 20 miles (~1 hr) away from Tijuana, so definitely the spot to go if you plan to go wild. Just make sure to stay safe, have a designated driver, and your passport.

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11. Underground tunnels!

Under Revelle college, there are underground tunnels that run through the rest of the colleges. Some say they were for escape routes, others say they were for the National Guard in case any large students riots came about (since Revelle college was built during the 60s). They’re off-limits to students, but still an infamous spot for parties and transporting other things besides hot/cold water and electricity.



12. SD Comic-Con.

Of course, when in SD, go one of the biggest conventions around.


13. Visit the Del Mar County Fair.

If you have a sweet spot for all things carnival and fun, this is the place for you. It’s held every summer and definitely worth the 30 min commute.



So there you have it. Bucket list away!

What will you do first after reading the ultimate UCSD bucket list? Comment and share below!
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