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Ultimate UCR Bucket List

Ultimate UCR Bucket List

Ultimate UCR Bucket List

Going to college may seem daunting, but it’s a fun experience! UC
Riverside tries very hard to make the experience enjoyable. There’s always more to do! So take a break from studying and check out 10 must haves for your UCR bucket list before you graduate!


1. Scotty the bear!

Scotty is our beloved mascot. Show school spirit and take a quick
picture with his statue on your way to class.


2. Hike to the C.

Hike to the famous “C” standing for California, on the mountain near
UCR. Take a couple friends or go by yourself. Enjoy the beautiful
view; just remember to bring water and a flashlight if it’s dark


3. Free movies!

UCR gives out free tickets to new movies for students! How awesome is
that? It’s a long line to stand in, so call all your friends to hang
with you during the wait.

4. Block Party!

This is the first huge concert (free for UCR students) that invites
amazing musicians and DJ’s to entertain students in the beginning of
the quarter. It’s a great time to meet new people, eat tasty food, and
dance to your favorite music.


5. First week of school activities.

Don’t be shy; try to participate in the activities given in the first
week of school. Have some fun and you might get cool prizes.

6. The Barn

This is a barn turned restaurant of a sort that serves delicious food
and hosts entertainment from time to time.


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7. Fun stuff at the gym.

The gym is not just a place to work out. You can take swimming
lessons, cooking classes, or join a club sport!


For UCR students, using the bus is free! Just swipe your ID card and
you’re on your way. You can go downtown and shop at the Tyler Mall or
just take the bus to sight see.


9. University Village

This place is surrounded by great restaurants and a movie theater. It
is a little father from campus and you might have classes over there,
but at least you’ll have a great lunch!

10. Explore the libraries!

Going to the library is very important in college. During finals week
it’s a great place to focus on studying. At UCR, you can choose from
five different libraries! They also have special programs at the
libraries from time to time.


What’s on your UCR bucket list? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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