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The Ultimate (Texas) Southern Slang Survival Guide

The Ultimate (Texas) Southern Slang Survival Guide

Whether you are visiting the south, moving to the south or grew up in the south, there is a certain way of speaking in these southern states, especially texas. Here is your Texas southern slang survival guide with commonly used southern slang words!

Going to school in the south requires some basic knowledge of your new territory. Some of the things you will encounter include: millionaires in pickup trucks, food to die for, cowboy boots paired with dresses as a must-do style, country music, country pride, frequent rodeos, which, of course, require the perfect pair of boots to attend. You’ll also need to speak the language. The twang takes time to perfect, but this code book of terms will get you started. Here is your ultimate Southern slang survival guide:

1. Git-R-Done

As made famous by Larry The Cable Guy. Meaning to get it done.

2. Y’all

You all. And not ya’ll.


3. Holler

Ex: “Holler if you need something.” Meaning to shout it out, or to call out.

4. Fixin’ to

As if you’re getting ready to go to do something: “I’m fixin’ to go to the store.”

5. Bless your heart

To show sympathy or appreciation. Such as if someone offered to walk an elderly lady across the street and carry her bags she might reply: “Well, bless your heart!”


6. A Longhorn and an Aggie

The start of many jokes mostly in the Texas area.

7. An Aggie walks into a bar

The start of even more jokes in the Texas area.

8.  Full as a (Texas) tick

Everything is bigger in Texas, even their ticks. So you might be as full as a Texas tick, if you can’t eat one more bite.


9. Dumb as dirt

An offensive phrase, used to explain the lack of intelligence one may have.

10. Don’t have a pot to piss in

Meaning you might be so poor you don’t even have a “pot to piss in.”

11. Coke

Not just Coca-Cola, southerners use this term to reference most, if not all, carbonated beverages.


12. Sweatin’ like a stuck pig

You’re really, really hot – as only a southerner can be in August.

13. Panties in a wad

Meaning to not get offended or bent out of shape about something.

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14. Buggy

A word commonly replacing the term shopping cart.

15. Conniption fit

A woman (or man) may have a conniption fit if they lose their cool, big time.


16. Ain’t my first rodeo

Meaning this isn’t the first time you’re doing something.

17. Tan your hide

You’re going to get your backside whipped.


Now y’all GIT-R-DONE! Happy southern school days to come!

Got any more Southern slang words that should be on this list? Share them in the comments!
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