The Ultimate Summer Bucket List Before College

With your high school days in the past summer is the time when you can do all those things that you couldn’t while in school. It might also the last time you’ll get to do those things too. Summer is an exciting time but when it’s the last summer before college certain things become more special and bittersweet. Here is The Ultimate Summer Bucket List Before College!

1. Read Your Favorite Book Or Read New Books

When you’re in college you’ll hardly have time to read something you actually enjoy so take your last summer to read that favorite book of yours or explore those new books you’ve had your eye on.

2. Take A Trip With Your Friends

Not to sound like a downer but your friendships in high school may not last the rest of your life. Each of will go through changes in college whether they’re good or bad and lack of communication will draw you apart. There’s nothing wrong with it, sometimes people just grow in different directions. Taking that last trip with them means that you’ll have that memory of the last time you all hung out together.

The Ultimate Summer Bucket List Before College

3. Take A Trip With Your Family

If you are living at school then homesickness will be a struggle for you. Even if you’re someone who cannot wait to be away from their family you’ll soon miss them, especially when you’re laying in bed sick and have to schedule your own doctor’s appointment.

4. Take LOTS Of Photos

Time goes by so fast that after a while we have a hard time remembering moments and so taking photographs helps keep that memory alive for us. So take photos of all of your favorite spots since some go them may be torn down or completely remodeled by the time you return from your first year of college. The same goes for friends, even those friends who you’re not so close with. Life can take you all to different places, those photographs will serve as the last memory you have with them.

5. Go To The Beach

Your Summer bucket list should defiantly include beach days… many of them.

The Ultimate Summer Bucket List Before College

6. Hammocking

It’s peaceful and relaxing.

7. Watch The Sunrise

In college you’ll be exhausted from the lack of sleep and won’t be able to do this so soak it all in and watch the sunrise in your own hometown a couple of times.

8. Go To A Drive In

It’s cute and if you’re with your boyfriend or girlfriend it’s romantic.

9. Go Night Swimming

Be careful when doing this but definitely do try it.

The Ultimate Summer Bucket List Before College

10 . Canoeing

Grab a bunch of your friends, rent a couple of canoes and be one with nature.

11. Go To Concerts

One way to enjoy your time with your friends while listening to some awesome music.

The Ultimate Summer Bucket List Before College

12. Go Camping

If you’re not someone who likes being in the middle of the woods switch it out for camping in your back yard, it can be just as fun.

The Ultimate Summer Bucket List Before College

13. Eat More Watermelon

It’s healthy, yummy and the popular snack of summer.

14. Go Hiking

Be outside as much as possible and get that exercise in because in college you won’t always have the time to.

15. Get Ready For College

As boring as it may sound and not worth the summer bucket list, it’s important to get ready for college. Whether it’s learning more about your campus or packing up your room you’re going to have to do it sooner or later.

What’s on your summer bucket list? Don’t forget your sunscreen and don’t forget to comment below!

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