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The Ultimate Spring Cleaning List You Need To Follow This Season

The Ultimate Spring Cleaning List You Need To Follow This Season

Spring cleaning can be a bit daunting. Here are a few steps you might forget while tidying up.

With the tail end of winter drudging to an end, it’s time to plan out a day (or two) for some much-needed spring cleaning. Whether you have a dorm room, apartment or house, cleaning out clutter in time for spring is essential.


Yes, time to tackle that mountainous pile of laundry in your hamper or on your floor. Also be sure to wash all of your sheets, including pillow cases, throws and blankets. Now would be a good time to bring your quality coats to a laundromat for cleaning, because your knee-length down jacket has crusty pockets and a dirty hood.


Wipe down absolutely everything, from your doorframe to night stand. You’ll be surprised at how much dust can accumulate in the smallest nooks and crannies. You may not notice immediately, but you’re likely to be less congested and sniffly due to floating allergens in the air.



Whether it’s your trusty Brita filter or the daily cup of Keurig coffee you drink, all your appliances should have the filter replaced semi-frequently. Take the time to clean these machines as thoroughly as possible, as dirt and grime from frequent use can pile up (yuck).


And not just the ones with your dishes. Take all of your belongings out and wipe down the inside of your cabinets. Clear any clutter by making sure all your Tupperware have a complete set, and collect any floating plastic bags (take them to a plastic bag recycling box and save some turtles). Empty out the dreaded junk drawer and toss any old documents or useless knick knacks.

Makeup counter

If you can’t point on a calendar to when you last cleaned your makeup brushes, it’s definitely time. Fill a plastic bowl with dish soap and a few drops of any oil for a D.I.Y brush cleaner. Dip your brushes in the soap and swirl them on your hand until the soapy suds become clear. Keep any brush cleaner off the handle of your tools, it can disintegrate the glue and make your brushes fall apart.


Lay your brushes on a paper towel and clean off caked foundation and eyeshadow from the handles with a Clorox wipe. Also open up your collection of palettes and clear any smudges or messes you’ve inevitably made.


If you don’t have your closet organized seasonally, what are you doing? Take all your winter garb and store it in a trunk, unused suitcase or empty dresser. While moving stuff out, go through your clothes and make a pile of any items you haven’t worn in the past year. Either take your clothes to a used store like Plato’s Closet or donate to any thrift store.

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Cleaning out clothes can make you feel like you have an entirely new wardrobe without spending a penny.


For slobs this might be the most discomforting part of spring cleaning. Empty your fridge and scrub every drawer and cranny with non-toxic wipes or a soapy sponge. Check the expiration dates of all your goods, from hot sauces to shredded cheese and toss those who have surpassed their date. If you’re hoarding frozen food that you haven’t even touched in months it may be time to throw out food you no longer have an appetite for.

Trash cans

Make sure to disinfect all your garbage bins thoroughly. You might be surprised how the bin can hold onto an unpleasant odor – routinely cleaning it can make your space smell less like banana peel and egg shells.

Have any spring cleaning steps of your own that weren’t included above? Comment yours down below.
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