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The Ultimate Skincare Routine You Need To Follow This Fall

The Ultimate Skincare Routine You Need To Follow This Fall

Skincare is the bane of my existence. Truly, my skin is so sensitive that, sometimes, trying out new items and/or routines is much worse than not doing anything at all.

Still, that doesn’t mean that giving up is the optimal choice – even if your skin looks fine now, it will feel the care deficiency in the future. Do you want that? And I’m addressing people of all genders reading this, by the way. Do you want that? Thought so.

I used to be a skincare newbie quite recently as well, but now, all knowledge I’ve accumulated – all the best brands, routines and techniques – I will share with you.


The brands to look for

Skincare is complex, because it’s your face. One wrong thing is immediately visible to everybody; moreover, it is generally more sensitive. Some people can still, however, wash their face with regular household bar soap and look fantastic, but I’m not one of them – and, since you’re reading a skincare advice article, it seems like neither are you.

Some brands that people are raving about right now are:

The Ordinary: offering an incredibly vast range of products, The Ordinary is a clinical skincare brand that specialises in pure formulas.


No frills, exceptional results, raving reviews and, satisfyingly, very decent prices (like £5.90 for a 30ml bottle of organic Argan Oil that will last you for a long time because you will only need a few drops, really).

You need to know very well what you need, because you won’t see “serum that helps your skin hold onto moisture” on their bottles; you’ll see “Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5” (which is one of the public’s favourites, by the way), and you’ll need to know what that means. Their website explains most things you need to know, and offers a guide to their products, as well as a shopping cart. Pop off!

The Ultimate Skincare Routine You Need To Follow This Fall


Dr. Barbara Sturm: way more boujee and chic, but still good and a harbinger of good results, this brand was established by Dr. Barbara Sturm, a world renowned aesthetic doctor. Specialising in molecular approach, just like The Ordinary people are raving about it – the ones who can afford it do, at least.

Dr. Barbara Sturm offers a range of different products but specialises in anti-age and wrinkle treatments. Despite the high price point (with the cheapest product besides the anti-cellulite brush being a $55 lipbalm), the brand’s products do get sold out really quickly. Their website offers products for men, women and children alike, so you will definitely find something for yourself.

The Ultimate Skincare Routine You Need To Follow This Fall

Components to look for

Skincare trends and popular ingredients are always changing.

Snail mucus: something that I’ve already mentioned in my article about asian cosmetics – snail mucus is an absolute favourite of… those select people who don’t have an allergic reaction to it, so please do a test swipe before applying any snail mucus products all over your face.

Still, when it does suit your skin and allergies it works wonderfully for healing and hydration.

Retinol: retinoids help with acne, wrinkles, and enhance cell renewal. A lot of brands offer products with retinoids – maybe more than do CBD – but the best ones are actually the pharmacy products, because it’s less diluted

CBD: cannabis infused skincare is becoming the new IT. Cannabidiol helps with eczema, psoriasis, acne and does not, mayhaps a bit regrettably, get you high. It is a part of the legalisation movement, and people are loving it. There are actually a lot of brands that offer CBD skincare products, the aforementioned Dr. Barbara Sturm being one of them.

The Ultimate Skincare Routine You Need To Follow This Fall

The new habits to pick up this fall

Double cleansing: yet another thing that started out in South Korea and then gained traction all over the world. It essentially entails using two different cleansers one after another, usually an oil-based one first, and a water-soluble gel, cream or lotion cleanswer next. This technique is especially good for people who wear a lot of makeup and/or sunscreen on the regular.

Disinfecting your phone: is there even any need to really elaborate on this one? It goes all over the place, and you put it next to your face quite often. Clean your screen as often as possible, especially if you’re out a lot.

Accomodating for the seasons: pack up on moisture when it gets colder; use lighter products and less oils when it’s hotter. So, for this fall’s skincare, start thinking about your creamier, more heavily moisturising cream.

Changing your pillowcases regularly: your pillowcase retains all your nightly tears, sweat, hair grease and god knows what else. If you don’t change them regularly it will make your skin dirtier, exacerbate acne, you name it.

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The Ultimate Skincare Routine You Need To Follow This Fall

The routine

So, now for the actual skincare routine I recommend for this winter:

1. Start out by double cleansing. If you’re on the drier side, use an oil cleanser first; if not, it may be best to opt for something different.

2. Put the serums on, depending on your needs. For moisture, for instance, hyaluronic acid is truly the serum. Also use vitamin C – it gives you that glow when the summer is over and your skin gets duller and drier.

3. Use toners – they balance out the pH of your skin and help with absorption. T

4. Then use essences – they prepare your skin for your moisturiser, like a layer that helps it settle in, which is another thing that came over from Korea. Koreans and their skincare, man.

5. Use a moisturiser. You can have a regular one for all seasons if it serves you well. On the opposite, you can opt for an especially heavy one for the colder seasons, but…

6. …the next recommendation I have is to actually use your regular moisturiser, but go for sleeping masks and night cream in fall and winter when your skin is begging for a drink.

The Ultimate Skincare Routine You Need To Follow This Fall

This seems long, but it really isn’t that complicated. The one thing I cannot help you with, no matter how much I would want to, is finding the ingredients and the brands that would suit you, so you’ll have to get on it yourself.

What is your skincare routine? Will you adopt any of the steps I may have introduced you to? Tell us in the comments below!

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