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The Ultimate Salem State University Bucket List

The Ultimate Salem State University Bucket List

The Ultimate Salem State University Bucket List

When starting college freshmen may think they have all the time in the world while at school, but college goes by faster than you think. College is an exciting time to figure out who you are and what you want. It can also feel overwhelming at times and if you’re living away from your family and friends it can be even more lonely.Having things to look forward to about your university can make your time there more enjoyable. If you an incoming Freshmen at Salem State University here is The Ultimate Salem State University Bucket List. P.S. if you’re currently a student at Salem State University but want to know more about Salem State, you can also check this article out.

1. Join An Organization

Salem State University has a variety of clubs to join, like the African Student Union, BEES (Bold, Educated, Empowered Sisters), Colleges Against Cancer, Program Council, Repertory Dance Theater, Scuba Club, Urban Arts Theater, Student Nurses Association, and WMWM which provides students the opportunity to learn about radio programming and have their own radio show. If none of these organizations interest you, you can start your own and encourage others to join.


2. Join the Student Government Association

At Salem State University you are encouraged to join SGA and run for positions in order to improve the university and give the students a voice. At the end of my time at Salem State I regretted not joining SGA since it could’ve been one of the ways I did something to serve the student body. If you want to continue to do good for you Salem State community consider joining Active Minds, which aims to spread awareness about mental health, and the Alliance

3. Join a Sorority or Fraternity

There are four Greek Life organizations at Salem State University. Two of the fraternities being Alpha Sigma Phi, and Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and two sororities; Theta Phi Alpha and Phi Sigma Sigma. Joining one of these organizations means that your bonds are lifelong, and you that you will always belong while on campus. Joining a sorority was the best thing I did and enhanced my experience at Salem State University.


4. Howling Wolf Taqueria

Although, this isn’t something that’s offered on campus at Salem State University it is a popular place to eat. The full service restaurant and bar offers Mexican taqueria food and it is a got to for most students of Salem State. It never disappoints and will always have you going back for more. Be sure to bring your friends from back home and show them a good time and meal.

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5. Hocus Pocus Tours

Take a tour of the locations used in the famous movie Hocus Pocus while also learning about the history of the Salem Witch Trials. Also, make sure to check out other tours and learn more about Salem’s history. These tours are a great way to get to know Salem since you will most likely be spending four years there. Fall in love with Salem so that you can brag about it to all of your friends back home.

6. Peabody Essex Museum

The best part about the Peabody Essex Museum is that it is free for Salem State University students as long as you show them your ID. You can learn about different cultures while also posing in front of some interesting exhibits. Bring your roommate or a friend and take a walk down to the PEM, you’ll see some amazing art.

Are you a student at Salem State University? Comment below some of your favorite spots or things to do while at Salem State!

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