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The Ultimate Ranking Of UCLA Campus Dorms

The Ultimate Ranking Of UCLA Campus Dorms

If you're curious about the UCLA campus dorms and which ones to live in, then we've got you covered. This dormitory ranking shows you which dorm rooms are the best places to move into!

Picturesque views, sunny skies, and historic architecture can be found at UCLA, located in the middle of Westwood. But, how do the dorms add up compared to the cosmopolitan bustle of Los Angeles? Here’s the true rundown of UCLA campus dorms!

1. Classic Residence Halls

The Hill has four residence halls – Dykstra, Sproul Hall, Rieber Hall, and Hedrick Hall. These buildings have the stereotypical dorm feel, with communal bathrooms on each floor. Classics are the cheapest, most social, and contain the most first-years, but have no air conditioning, are extremely tiny, and can feel crowded. Say goodbye to any belongings not completely necessary to everyday life, because you only have enough space for the essentials. Dykstra is the closest to campus, while Hedrick Hall is a solid 20 minute walk uphill.

2. Deluxe Residence Halls

Sproul Landing, Sproul Cove, De Neve Gardenia, and De Neve Holly are the four deluxe halls. These are relatively similar to the classics with communal bathrooms, but are more spacious and have air conditioning. While the central location is enticing, there is less of a social aspect because most residents are second-years. Sproul Cove and Landing (the most coveted of all buildings) are super close to Bruin Plate, UCLA’s healthiest dining hall. De Neve Gardenia serves as the residence for transfer students new to UCLA.


3. Residential Plazas

These are by far the best style of dorms on campus. Rieber Vista, Rieber Terrace, Sunset Village, Hedrick Summit, and the De Neve Plaza buildings all are plazas. De Neve plazas and a few of the Sunset Village rooms have a private bath, which is directly connected to your room for just you and your roommates. Other plazas have a shared bath, where the bathroom connects with the room next to you, so you share with 4-6 people. The plazas are the ultimate dorm because you have air conditioning, a bigger room, and the bathroom is actually inside your dorm. Although plazas aren’t as social as halls, the RA’s (Resident Assistant) plan a ton of social mixers.

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4. Suites

Hitch and Saxon suites are the least favorable dorms on the Hill. They are the farthest away and thus, very isolated. They are reminiscent of apartments, but with no kitchen or shared living room. The lack of a common space, unlike the three other dorm types, makes it harder to socialize with new friends. The campus apartments provide the same amenities for cheaper, so try to avoid suites completely.


Ultimately, UCLA provides residents with multiple living types. Plazas are your best bet, with a deluxe room being the second best option. Regardless of what room you end up with, living at the UCLA campus dorms is a dream experience far bigger than just your average dorm.

What did you think of the UCLA campus dorms? Let me know in the comment section below!

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