The Ultimate Ranking Of Dorms At Marist College

Prior to deciding housing at Marist College, you should have a proper understanding of the best and worst places to live. Read on to learn the appropriate ranking of dorms at Marist College. 

Prior to deciding housing at Marist College, you should have a proper understanding of the best and worst places to live. Read on to learn the appropriate ranking of dorms at Marist College.

1. Leo Hall

In my opinion, Leo Hall is the best dorm of all the dorms at Marist College campus. The ground basment, first and third floor are for guys, and the second, fourth, fifth and sixth are for girls. The elevator in this building is the slowest on campus, so be ready to hike up the stairs once in a while. There are about twenty rooms per floor, with around forty people all sharing the same bathroom. All without any forced triples. There are five shower stalls, but it is never really an issue to wait for one.

Leo is close to the gym and the dining hall, which is very convenient. The rooms do feel a little small, but if you rearrange the furniture it isn’t so bad. The large windows let in a lot of light and airflow. The honking from upperclassman as they come around the bend behind the building will die down once the cold hits, which is sooner than you’d think in Poughkeepsie.


Overall, all of the people I’ve met in Leo are very nice. It isn’t as loud as Champ, or as quiet as Sheahan. While Marist does a pretty good job with random roommate, the RD is very understanding of people who want a switch.

My advice to you is to be a tour room! Only first floor boys and second floor girls in Leo are allowed to apply. It is the easiest money you can make on campus, and you become an Ambassador automatically. That program is exclusive and very hard to get into as a freshman.

One of the best dorms at Marist College


2. Champagnat Hall (Champ)

Champ has a unique layout that is different from most colleges. There is a common room that connects two floors, which is nice for socializing. It creates a friendly atmosphere, and an opportunity for guys and girls to meet. However, it is loud all the time, which can be frustrating if you’re trying to get work done.

Some of the rooms have fantastic views of the river, but be wary of the highest floors. It gets hot up there, especially without any AC. Almost all of the rooms are doubles, but there are select singles on each corner of the building on every floor. The bathrooms are tiny, as each half of the dorm is split by the common room. Around 25 people have to share the one room. They are very old, and in dire need of a face lift. The size of the rooms are very good, not as cramped as some of the others.

The best part about Champ is that it is connected to the Student Center. Being able to go to the dining hall is just sweats and slippers is something you take for granted when it is below freezing and snowy outside.


3. Marian

Marian is the only dorm with triples and quads. The rooms are considerably bigger, with huge closets. Many fashion students are attracted by this, but the Steel Plant is opening to the fashion department after construction, so class isn’t 50 feet away anymore.

It is very centrally located, close to academic buildings and the dining hall, which is very convenient during the winter months. The only thing far away is the gym.

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4. Sheahan

Sheahan often gets a bad rep for being the “weird dorm” of all the dorms at Marist College. It is true that the people who choose to live here are on the quieter side, but are all very nice. Sheahan consists of single gender floors with double rooms. These are the largest of all the freshman doubles, providing a bigger space for you and your roommate. There is no elevator in this three story building, so you’ll have to take the stairs all the time. This can be inconvenient on move-in day and any other time you have large packages.

Again, I advise to be a tour room! Just like Leo, it is the best money. Also, the dorm is infamous for being haunted by a ghost named Shelly, so don’t anger the spirits!

One of the best dorms at Marist College


5. Midrise

Midrise is new to freshman at Marist College. It has quickly become the most notorious of all the dorms as being louder and rowdier than Champ. It is the only option to live in a suite style dorm, being there are several rooms connected by a common room and bathroom. You will have to clean all of this yourself, as the suite is privately your own.

Having multiple roommates can be nice if you want to have an immediate group of friends to hang with, but managing that many people if you aren’t used to it might be difficult.  There is limited space for girls in this dorm and plenty more suites are available for guys.

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