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The Ultimate Ranking Of Sonoma State Freshman Dorms

Sonoma State is a small liberal arts school located in Northern California, in the heart of the wine country.  The school is surrounded by gorgeous acres of vineyards and a mere one hour drive from San Francisco, giving students the perfect blend of small town and city life (if you have a car.)  Being a freshman myself, one of the many reasons I chose Sonoma State was the amazing dorm rooms they have.  There are a total of six living communities, four of which are open to freshman.  You either get lucky and live in Cabernet or Sauvignon, the apartment style dorms, or the suite style dorms, Zinfandel and Verdot;  all villages are named after wines of course…  But SSU dorms are not all equal, here is the ultimate ranking of Sonoma State freshman dorms:

1. Sauvignon

Sauvignon is by far the best living community on campus! This is an apartment style dorm, if you can even call them that, with a full living room, kitchen and pantry, along with two double bedrooms and two single bedrooms, each with their own bathroom. There is even a balcony/ deck with every room.  Because of the increasing need for dorms, some of “sauv’s” double rooms have become triples, but with the amount of space you have its not an issue!

2. Cabernet

Cabernet is the newest village on campus, ranking it at #2 on the list.  Because of an unfortunate flood occurring a few years back, the entire area is newly refurbished.  “Cab” consists of one triple bed and one double bed, with only one bath that has to be shared with the entire house. Then a living room complete with one couch, a coffee table and two lounge chairs and a kitchen complete with a stove, full size fridge, sink, counter space, cabinets and a huge pantry.  The only downside is that its the farthest dorm from the central campus, making quick trips to the caf a bit of a workout.



3. Zinfandel

Zinfandel is different from Sauv and Cab because it is a “suite” style dorm, meaning there is no kitchen or deck, a much smaller living room and a community bathroom.  These dorms can fit up to NINE PEOPLE!  To some of the seasoned SSU students “Zin” is referred to as “Zinfanjail.” The location is the best out of all the other dorms because in the center of the community is the mail room and a pool/jacuzzi with a barbecue included that is open to the entire school. The furniture for the dorms are also pretty new and much nicer than Sauv’s furniture . Compared to other college dorms across the nation, Zin is still pretty great.


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4. Verdot

Last but not least is Verdot.  Verdot has the exact same layout as Zin and is in the middle of Sauv and Zin.  Verdot is right across the street from the Caf, which is really nice, but not much more can be said about it. It can hold the capacity of 8 people or as little as two.  According to the SSU webistr “There are also a few shared single suites which have two bedrooms with a bathroom in between. The 2 bedroom suites of Verdot and Zinfandel have two double occupancy bedrooms, separate bathroom area, shared living room that encompasses about 600 square feet. The 4 bedroom suites have four double occupancy bedrooms, two bathrooms, on one level with about 1,345 square feet of space.” Because of the lack of amenities, Verdot is the worst living community on campus.


To learn more about SSU dorms, visit the SSU website.

Which of these Sonoma State freshman dorms did you live in? Share your dorm experience in the comments below!
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