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The Ultimate Ranking Of Freshman Dorms At Towson University

The Ultimate Ranking Of Freshman Dorms At Towson University

It is time o choose where you would like to live for your very first year at college. Read this article to get the best ranking of freshman dorms at Towson University.

Ah, freshman year! It is finally here and it is time for you to choose where you would like to live for your very first year at Towson University. How can you know which one is best for you? Well, as a current freshman, I am here to tell you all the things that are not known to the public and things not told during your tour. So here my friends, is my ranking of the freshman dorms at Towson University.

These are the freshman dorms at Towson University you should live in

1. The Towers

I have lived in the Towers for only one year, and I already know that this is the best place to live. The layout of the room is a little weird at first. Instead of the traditional dorm setting with one bed on each side of the room, both beds share the same wall and are facing one another. In my opinion, they are the biggest rooms available to freshman. I would also just like to say that the “Tu Cribs” on YouTube do not do the rooms justice. They are redone and not as cringy as they used to be.

This set up really isn’t that big of an issue unless you get the bed closest to the door. If this is you, you’re always the one to have to open the door. You’re also either extremely cold or hot due to the heating unit being on the other side of the room. Lastly, you have a little less space depending on how you and your roommate choose to set up the room.

The Towers are the only freshman dorms at Towson University that have the option of having a triple room instead of a double. This means that there is one set of bunk beds and one single bed. A triple dorm room has less space because each person has their own desk, the good thing is that those who are put in one get a discount on their room and board cost.

These are the freshman dorms at Towson University you should live in

Ups and Downs

Another positive is that The Towers are right in the heart of campus. I had an 8 a.m. in The Center For The Arts building and I was able to get there on time when leaving at 7:55. There is no other place to live where you are able to do such a thing. People say that the Glenn Dining Hall sucks, and they would be right; however, the towers are right near the Union Building which has 3 different places to eat. There are also other cafes that are close by and the easiest to get to when coming from The Towers.

I can honestly say that the only  bad thing about The Towers would be the elevators. Since they are the highest freshman dorms at Towson University on campus (my tower has 16 floors) the towers are so slow. So slow you have to wait 10 minutes sometimes for it to come, gets stuck constantly, and sometimes walk up and down 13 flights of stairs. The only way to really fix this is to leave for your classes a little earlier than usual so you can beat the mass of people all going to class and coming back from class.

2. West Village

I have been to West Village a few times. It really should be called “West Privilege.” You are paying so much more for these special dorms when really, they are smaller than The Towers. They look really nice and you have your own bathroom; however, sharing a bathroom with another room really is not bad at all. The dorm is set up with the beds in the traditional style, meaning one bed on either side of the room. The food may be better over there such as Jamba Juice, Panda Express, Einstein Bros Bagels, and a very high-end dining hall. Unfortunately, West Village is far from all the educational buildings. If you are late to class, you’re gonna be late to class. There’s no running there in your PJs.

These are the freshman dorms at Towson University you should live in

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3. Prettyman/Scarborough

I actually like these dorms. They have the traditional set up like West Village and they have a good dining hall nearby. The major drawback for these dorms would be the fact that they are communal living. This has its positives and its negatives. You have something like 4 bathrooms, 3 showers, and 1 tub. Unfortunately, there’s no air conditioning and the heating never works. A plus, however, is that because there is no air or private bathrooms, it is easier for people to meet and make friends. You could meet someone in the bathroom or just have someone stop in when your door is open. Another thing is that these communal dorms are on the very edge of campus, so they are also far from some of the academic buildings, but not as far as West Village.

Finally, the reason that this is that last of all the freshman dorms at Towson University to live, is that there are bugs. Gross bugs. This is because due to the fact that there isn’t any heating or air, the windows open. The screens allow gnats to get in and are able to torture you in your sleep. I don’t know about you, but if there is a bug in the room and I know it’s there, I can’t sleep until it is out.

These are the freshman dorms at Towson University you should live in

All and all, whichever place you choose to live, you will be able to easily make friends in some way and will have the time of your life at Towson University as a freshman!

Let us know what you think about freshman dorms at Towson University in the comments below!
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