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The Ultimate Ranking Of Freshman Dorms At The University Of Utah

The Ultimate Ranking Of Freshman Dorms At The University Of Utah

Are you wondering what the best freshman dorms at The University of Utah are? From singles to doubles to suite style, you'll find what you're looking for!

It is that time in your life! Moving out of the family nest for once and finally getting to live on your own… but really on your own? At this time, you are meeting new people that you will be living with for the next year or so and it is going to be a very interesting time. However, at the University of Utah, it is all about choosing the right dorm building to satisfy your needs for freshman year. Keep reading to read the rankings of student picked choices on which dorms at The University of Utah you should choose for your freshman year!

3. Gateway Heights

Gateway Heights is the closest residence hall to the PHC and the dining hall. The hall is split into two buildings – one hall for the boys and one hall for the girls. This dorm is the only residence hall that is not Co-Ed. Students here say that Gateway is the most clean and undramatic hall up in the village, and it is most quiet one of them all, and the room setups are pretty big.



2. Chapel Glen

Chapel Glen is a Co-Ed dorm up in the village. There are three buildings within the area and it’s surrounded by a beautiful meadow of trees! Students who live here say that it is a great location because it is so much closer to the PHC and the bridge down to lower campus. They also say the rooms are pretty well setup, along with the big room sizes.

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1. Sage Point

Sage Point or aka. Rage Point, is the third dorm that freshmen are offered. This residence hall is a little more intimate and private, as it’s a little far away from the PHC but you get a lot of access to stuff. You’re able to get your own room and a living room in certain areas, and it is the most up to date dorm. There is definitely a lot of variety in these rooms. Students say it offers the best sense of community, and the Olympians might or might have not lived here during the Olympics!

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