The Ultimate Ranking Of Freshman Dorms at The University of Oregon

We've put together a ranking of the freshman dorms at the University of Oregon. If you're looking for the best dorm for your freshman year, look no further.

Before I dive into dorm ranks, it’s important to note that the earlier you commit to the University of Oregon, the more likely you will be to get your first room choice. Dorm life is a big change from living at home and comes with a lot of ups and downs, so it is important that you pick a dorm where you will be the happiest and the most comfortable! I have ranked the freshman dorms at the University of Oregon starting with 1 being the top choice as surveyed by other students.

1. Living Learning Center North/South

The LLC dorms are an AWESOME location- near the rec, Straub hall, the EMU, and dorm food. Students who live here are often referred to as “royalty” because it is also one of the most updated and social dormitories. The only difference between North and South is that North has Dux Bistro on the first floor, as well as mailing services, and a few classrooms, while South does not. Each floor also has two private study rooms, a social lounge (equipped with a microwave and a TV), laundry, and bathrooms.

2. Carson Hall

Carson also has one of the best locations, as it is right next door to LLC North. Carson has a dining hall on the first floor as well and laundry and social lounges on each floor. However, it is an older building, so the hallways and rooms are outdated and feel much more “cramped” than LLC.


3. Global Scholars Hall

Global Scholars Hall is one of the nicest, but one of the priciest dorms. While all the rooms are spacious and updated, the layout of the building is kind of funky, making it less social than some of the other dorms. GSH also has its own dining hall (some people say it’s the best dining hall) and a smoothie bar as well. It also is a bit far from campus, as it is behind LLC North and Hayward Field. Many students in this building are Honors students as well, although not all of them are.

4. Hamilton Hall

Hamilton hall is in a neutral location, meaning it isn’t super close to campus but it isn’t super far either. Hamilton has a lot of food options, such as Fire N’ Spice grill, Common Grounds Café, Big Mouth Burrito, and more. It is an older building, meaning that the rooms are smaller and the bathrooms are a little outdated. There are no social lounges or laundry on any of the floors, but they do exist in the basement.

5. Earl Hall

Earl is a great location (in front of the rec, next to LLC, behind Straub, near the EMU), however it is very small. Yes, it is true that you can hold your friend’s hand while lying on your bed. However, it is a very fun and social hall partly due to its location. The bathrooms and bedrooms are also outdated.

6. Barnhart Hall

Barnhart Hall is awesome. It has its own dining (very good brunch), social lounges on each floor, bigger bedrooms that also have private bathrooms and walk-in closets, and is super social and fun. However, the biggest downside and main reason why people don’t like Barnhart, is because it is very far from campus. It’s about a 15 minute walk to the center of campus, but sometimes students will take the EMX bus to make the travel time shorter.

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7. Walton Hall

Walton Hall is in a good location. It is right behind LLC and in front of Hamilton. The rooms and bathrooms are outdated, but not too small. All social lounges, quiet rooms, and laundry is in the basement.

8. Bean Hall

Oh, Bean. You’ll hear about it quickly. I’ve heard many parents say “a lot has changed about the University of Oregon since I went there, but Bean has remained the same.” Bean is very outdated, very small, and does not have dining or laundry on every floor. It is behind Hamilton and across from GSH, so it is kind of far away too. However, because it is so cramped, it is a very social dorm and super fun. It also has a basement for laundry and social events and is being remodeled soon!

9. The New Residence Hall

I put this dormitory last not because it is bad, but because I don’t have information on it considering it is not open yet. The location is a block behind Global Scholars Hall, making it about a 15 minute walk from the center of campus, but in the opposite direction of Barnhart. Of course the rooms and bathrooms will be updated since it is a brand new building. There are study and lounge spaces as well as a community kitchen.

What do you think the best freshman dorms at the University of Oregon are? Comment below!
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