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The Ultimate Ranking Of Freshman Dorms At The University Of Minnesota Twin Cities

The Ultimate Ranking Of Freshman Dorms At The University Of Minnesota Twin Cities

Our ultimate ranking of the best and worst freshman dorms at The University of Minnesota Twin Cities! We've got all the details on your new home!

Going to College is moving onto the next chapter of your life. New classes, new friends, and most importantly a new home. You want to make sure you pick the right dorm which will be your home for your Freshman year. So without further ado here is the Ultimate ranking of the freshman dorms at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

1. 17th Avenue Hall

Being the newest residence hall on campus means 17th is the best dorm on campus. It has a perfect location near east bank, Dinkytown, and Frat Row, and it has the best, and healthiest dining hall for those afraid of gaining the Freshman 15. Home of the athletes and the Greek LLC, this dorm is the most expensive, and fills up fast.


2. Territorial Hall

T-Hall the place to Be-Hall. This is the best dorm in superblock (a group of dorms on the east bank campus made up of mainly freshmen). T-Hall is the party dorm and very social, so it is the perfect dorm for those wanting the “freshman experience.”



3. Frontier Hall

Frontier is also on superblock and very similar to Territorial. It is social and people seem to be good friends with people on their floor, but it is not as much of a party dorm as T-Hall which can be good for those nights when you need to stay in and study.

4. Sanford Hall

Sanford has prime location in the heart of Dinkytown near all the restaurants, sororities and Frat houses. It is a nice building and has a great dining hall.


5. Centennial Hall

Centen is on superblock and has a dining hall (that is nicer than pioneer’s) that is open until 12 AM. Centen is a mix of freshmen, upperclassmen, and foreign students; and mainly made up of single rooms which can make it a very antisocial hall if you don’t make friends on your floor early on in the semester.


6. Comstock Hall

Comstock is an older dorm, but has a great location on East Bank right next to Coffman.

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7. Middlebrook Hall

Middlebrook is just your average dorm, the only thing that puts it lower on this list is the fact that it’s on West Bank and requires a walk across the Washington Avenue bridge to get anywhere but West Bank.

8. Pioneer Hall

Pioneer has a great location in super block, and rumor has it that Pio might be haunted. However, currently Pio has no A/C and is getting torn down after this semester, after it gets rebuilt it will be the best dorm on this list.



9. Bailey Hall

 Why is Bailey hall the worst dorm? Two words… St. Paul. Unless you have classes on the St. Paul Campus, you have to take the 20 min Campus Connector trip just to get to your classes on East and West Bank which is a pain, but the dining hall does have good ice cream.


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