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The Ultimate Ranking Of Freshman Dorms At Syracuse

So you’ve graduated high school, you’ve received your room assignment… but what does it mean? Did you hit the jackpot, or is your freshman year going to be defined by long walks in the cold back to your room?  Look out for your dorm on this list of freshman dorms at Syracuse to find out!

BBB (Boland/Brewster/Brockway)

Although some people might argue that the kid’s on the mount have it the worst, I’d like to make the case for the freshmen living at BBB.  While yes, there are no scary Mount steps to climb, there is the 15 minute minimum walk it takes to get anywhere and the Falk steps you have to take anytime you want to leave BBB.  (Pro tip: use the elevator in the VA parking garage.)

By the time you get to that party on Euclid with your 30 closest friends, it’ll already be shut down.  That isn’t to say it’s all bad, though.  BBB has it’s own dining hall, gym, the Den, and is right next to a Starbucks.  And honestly, some of the best quality freshman dorms. Don’t worry too much- you’re going to find some of your closest friends living in your hall this year… if only because no one’s going to want to make their way down to BBB.



A fairly solid location, DellPlain is neighbors to Ernie.  I’d put it in the middle of the pack as far as dorms go- good location, okay dorms.  It’s home to a mix of freshmen and upperclassmen, and a few steps away from Kimmel (the best place for your late-night munchies).  Although it can get overlooked, just know that you and your roommate were lucky to get placed here your first year.


Ernie Davis

Don’t be surprised when you say you live here other students roll their eyes. The envy of all students living in the dorms, the freshmen who wind up in Ernie Davis have truly won the housing lottery.  Placed smack in the middle of campus, Ernie Davis is mainly home to upperclassmen.  The dorms are outfitted with air conditioning, a gym, and connected to Ernie Davis dining hall, one of the most popular dining halls on campus. Just know to never complain about the heat for those first few weeks or you’ll definitely get called out.



A great location if you’re a girl who ends up rushing, Haven is home to both upperclassmen and freshmen alike.  Pay no mind to the people who tell you your new home looks like a toilet, Haven is a hidden gem of the Syracuse dorms.  Your study lounge is air conditioned, you’re a few minutes walk away from Ernie Davis, and the new rooms are pretty high quality. All and all, you’ve probably lucked out if you’re living here.



I hope you don’t like sleep.  While your floor 12 dorm room might have a great view, you’re going to be paying for it with your sanity during your almost nightly hike up the Lawrinson stairs after yet another fire drill.  This is kind of made up for by your own yard, access to the great Sadler dining hall, laundry on each floor, and literal penthouse on the top floor.  Try to remember that when you’re woken up yet again at 2 the night before your mandatory 8AM.


The Mount (Flint and Day)

Every freshman’s bound to hear horror stories about living on the mount. And they’re true– sort of.  As a former Mount resident, I can confirm that the mount steps are both worse and not as bad as you’ve been told.  They let you off in the middle of the quad, which great for when you’re late to class. By the time spring semester ends, however, you’re going to dread making the trip off of the Mount even once a day.  Don’t be surprised if, like the residents of BBB, you find most of your friends living with you.  The Mount is kind of like it’s own little bubble of freshman life, complete with a mess of underground tunnels, Graham dining hall, and the Junction (try the milkshakes!).  There is definitely a hierarchy to the Mount dorms:


Day Hall

The ugly sister of Flint.  Rumor has it they’re updating the Day dorms this summer, but right now they’re sort of out-dated.  The triples on each floor, however, are huge and have new furniture.


See Also

Flint Hall

Definitely the “top dog” on the Mount. The location is closer to the stairs and the dorms were renovated last summer.  The A and C wings might get confusing at first, but it’s honestly not a bad place to spend your freshman year. Fair warning, a lot of the lounges got turned into triples last summer, so you might have to hang in the lobby.



If you’re living in Sadler, you’re probably an honors student or living with one.  With large, recently renovated rooms and a location two steps away from the Dome, Sadler living is a pretty good place to start off your time at Syracuse.  Sadler is home to some great food, just don’t be surprised when you see ESF students wandering around your dining hall.  You have to walk a ways to get to the quad, but it’s much shorter than your BBB counterparts, so don’t forget that it could always be worse.



Home to the best and most under-appreciated dining hall on campus. Living here comes with the great location of the Mount without the added workout.  It tends to house mostly engineering students. But make no mistake, you’ve been handed a gift if you’re lucky enough to live here as a freshman. You’re right next to Frat row, right next to the quad, and down the street from the Euclid parties you’re most likely going to frequent this year.  It used to be mixed, but this year it’s an all freshman dorm.  Make sure to take advantage of the milkshakes and chicken tenders always flowing through Shaw dining. And you’ll be making the most of your first year.


No matter where you end up, don’t worry. Freshman year isn’t defined by where you live. You’re going to have a great time anywhere you end up!

What do you think of our ranking of freshman dorms at Syracuse? Let us know down below!
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Lauren Wilson

Lauren is a sophomore at Syracuse University.

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