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The Ultimate Ranking Of Freshman Dorms At Loyola University Chicago

The Ultimate Ranking Of Freshman Dorms At Loyola University Chicago

Are you trying to find what the best dorms at Loyola University Chicago are? With different styles, you're sure to find the right dorm for you on this list!

Living in a residence hall is by far one of the biggest things an incoming freshman in college looks forward to. Make sure you’re living in a great dorm by reading the ultimate ranking of freshman dorms at Loyola University Chicago!

*NOTE: none of these residence halls are actually bad. Their position on the list does not mean that they are good to live in or bad to live in. It is all a matter of opinions.*

1. Regis Hall

Regis is not only a residence hall for freshmen, it also houses sophomores and transfer students. Each room in Regis includes its own private bathroom. If you live in Regis, you also have the honor of sharing a building with Sister Jean, who is Regis Hall’s most famous resident. Regis Hall is also in a prime location, situated at about equal distance from all three dining halls on campus.


2. San Francisco Hall

San Francisco is one of the newest residence halls on campus and is home to the new Institute for Environmental Sustainability (IES) building. It is also a LEED certified building. Though many of the tenants are majoring in some form of environmental study, any freshman can live here. A majority of the rooms are doubles with community bathrooms, while there are a limited amount of suite-style rooms located on the first floor. I highly recommend these dorms at Loyola University Chicago.



3. Simpson Living-Learning Center

Simpson is unlike the other freshman dorms in regard to the layout of the floors. Instead of having community bathrooms that you share with your floor, you and your roommate (along with one or two other rooms) will share a semi-private bathroom. Simpson also has a dining hall located on the first floor, which means that in those cold winter months, you never need to leave your building to get food.


4. Mertz Hall

Mertz is the Lake Shore Campus’ high rise dorm. With 17 residential floors, it is the tallest building on campus. Living on one of the higher floors can give you a spectacular view of Lake Michigan. Mertz is known for being one of the more social freshmen dorms, so it will definitely be a good bonding time #Mertztilithurts

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5. De Nobili Hall

De Nobili hall is one of the newer residence halls on campus.It is located on Ignatius Plaza and is next-door to Ignatius house, where many Jesuits live. It has four floors and is home to the dining hall that serves the famous late-night chicken nuggets.


6. Campion Hall

Home to the University honors program, most of us will never actually live in Campion hall. Campion is located adjacent to the Loyola L station. The rooms are mostly doubles, with a limited amount of single and quad rooms.

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