The Ultimate Ranking Of Freshman Dorms At Florida State University

So, picking a dorm can be such an exciting thing, but there’s definitely pros and cons when choosing where to live out your time at college. Some of the dorms at Florida State are brand new and full of nice little luxuries that make you feel like you’re at home… and others, not so much. Here’s the ultimate ranking of freshman dorms at Florida State University from best to worst!

1. Azalea & Magnolia

These dorms are so new (opened June of 2017) and definitely have changed the game for living on campus. They have dark wood furniture, tons of space, and a pretty great location. Also, Azalea holds 1851, a dining area with a variety of different smaller restaurants inside. These are prime living spots, so they tend to be the first to go when housing registration opens.

2. Dorman & Deviney

Ok, so I might be a bit partial because this is where I spent my freshmen year. With that said, these dorms are absolutely amazing. They are still fairly new (opened in 2015), and are in a wonderful location. Both are right across from a 24/7 Dennys and a parking garage. Also, the walk to the library, gym, and most classes is about 10 minutes or less. Side note: I had an amazing R.A. who will again be here in 2018-2019, so maybe you’ll be lucky enough to get her if you choose to live here.

3. Wildwood

Wildwood is a prime spot for people who love to have fun. It is located right near the stadium, so getting to Doak for game day is alwys simple. With that said, it is home to many student athletes, so it can tend to get a bit loud. If late nights aren’t your thing, this might not be the place for you. It is a bit further away from most classes, but is extremely close to the gym. It is also really close to parking, so that is certainly a bonus.

4. Landis

Landis definitely has one of the best locations that you could want. It is directly across from the library, has a beautiful view of Landis Green, and quite close to Chick-Fil-A and other dining spots. With that said, it is reserved for only honors students. It is more of a quiet dorm known for study sessions.

5. Broward & Gilchrist

These dorms have a pretty wonderful view of Landis Green, are right near Sweet Shop (so your morning coffee is always close by), and are extremely close to many of the sorority houses. One downside is that a meal plan is required for these dorms, so make sure you’re always ready to take a trip to Suwannee. They also aren’t necessarily new, being that the last renovation took place in 1998.

6. Jennie Murphree/Reynolds/Bryan

These buildings are in a pretty good location for most freshmen classes. They are also fairly close to Dunkin Donuts. With that said, they aren’t necessarily the newest and definitely can feel a little dated. Something else to keep in mind is that meal plans are required, so if you’re not a fan of the dining halls, this probably isn’t your place.


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7. Cawthon

Ok, so everyone that I have met that lives in Cawthon loves it. They love the people they live with and have a ton of spirit. However, it is the music living learning community, so it can get a bit loud. It is in a good spot when it comes to studying, located right near Chick-Fil-A and Strozier Library.

8. Degraff

Degraff is fairly new, and is quite comparable to Dorman and Deviney in terms of the building itself. However, the location isn’t great. You have to walk through a dimly lit tunnel to get to the main part of campus, which can be a little scary if you’re alone. It is very close to the Strip, which can definitely be a perk if you love to party.

9. Salley

This is by far the worst dorm on campus, and I’m pretty shocked that it hasn’t been torn down yet. I can’t really think of many upsides to living here, other than the fact that it is fairly close to the science buildings and the psychology building. It is extremely old, has a reputation of having cockroaches, and the rooms are extremely small. When visiting my friend who lived here, I noticed that the only thing separating his bed from his roommate’s bed was their tiny mini fridge. Super small and old!

Overall, you will definitely have the time of your life no matter what freshman dorms at Florida State University you get put in. Go Noles!



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