The Ultimate Ranking Of Freshman Dorms At ASU

It is no question that Arizona State University has definitely upped their game in the dorms recently. From remodeling Manzanita to adding newer dorms for the freshman, ASU dorms are the perfect beginning to one’s college experience. With that being said, you should pick your dorm wisely. This is the ultimate ranking of freshman dorms at ASU!

1. Hassayampa Academic Village

If you are an outgoing person who knows how to balance a social life and school work, this dorm is for you. It is only housed for business students, but this modern looking academic village has 8 buildings that go by letters A-H. These dorms are nicely structured because they are a suite style so you and your roommate will share a bathroom with two other people. Overall, Hassay is known as the ultimate party dorm because it is likely that there will be that one group of kids throwing a “dorm party” down the hall from you. Yet, if you know how to balance partying and studying, Hassay is the perfect fit for you.

2. Manzanita

Manzanita is located on university so it is not centrally located in the campus like Hassayampa is. These dorms are more of a hotel style because after all, the building looks like an actual hotel that you would see in the city. Manzanita is also a suite style dorm so you would be sharing a bathroom with two other people. The beds are raised up high and your desk is directly under your bed. If you enjoy having the side of your dorm room in its own little corner, then this dorm is the right one for you.

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3. Taylor Place (Downtown)

Taylor Place is a fairly new dorm that is located downtown and has more of an urban vibe to it. There are no community bathrooms in this dorm, but the set-up is very unique compared to the other dorms. You have the option of having private bedrooms and private baths or shared bedrooms and baths. The look of the room and the way it is set up is mostly similar to Hassayampa with the metal furniture and lower beds. If you are a downtown student looking for an urban vibe type of dorm, then Taylor Place the right choice.

4. Barrett The Honors Complex

Barrett is exceptionally known for its amazing dining hall. You will often see kids in Barrett swiping non-Barrett students in just for the food because it is so delicious. This is a huge bonus of this dorm especially since food is such a big aspect of a college student. Overall, if you are an honors student that loves food and beautiful landscaping, Barrett is perfect for you.

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