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The Ultimate Ranking Of Dining Halls At The University Of Oregon

The Ultimate Ranking Of Dining Halls At The University Of Oregon

There are a lot of different dining options to choose from at large universities. Whether you are an incoming, current, or past dorm member, I am sure you can agree with this ranking of dining halls at the University of Oregon!

Living in a dorm is like nothing else you have experienced or will experience again. It entails living just a few doors down from your friends, sharing a shower with thirty plus people, and eating in a dining hall. Oh, the dining halls! What an interesting concept; paying with a plastic card containing the worst possible photo of yourself. All so that you can pretend you’re full off of a croissant and a smoothie. But, not all dining halls are bad! Whether you are an incoming, current, or past dorm member, I am sure you can agree with this ranking of dining halls at the University of Oregon!

This is how the dining halls at the University of Oregon are ranked

I remember when school started and I began to try each dining hall and thought to myself, “wow! I am going to get so fat.” The food is enjoyable, but at what point do you get sick of it? The most important thing to take into account when ranking the dining halls is whether this is something a student feels they could eat for three meals a day. Location and the number of options must be factored in as well.


5. Carson Dining

Carson is unique in the fact that each student swipes their card for a set amount of 5 points and is then able to experience an all-you-can-eat-buffet. This hall features a new menu each night with a specific theme. It is also the only dining hall which does not include a drinks and pastry section.

Although delicious, Carson is receiving the lowest ranking for a few reasons. This is because it is buffet style.A student would need to be in the mood for whatever is being served that night as they cannot order a specific meal. In addition, points disappear faster because you could have a single slice of pizza or three full plates of food and it’s still going to use 5 points. Overall, this hall comes in as the least diverse, least practical, and least desirable.

4. Barnhart Dining

The second to lowest ranked of the dining halls at the University of Oregon is Barnhart. Barnhart has a pre-fix menu which stays the same all year and includes daily specials such as mac and cheese, chicken tenders, meatball subs, and more. When you first enter the dining hall there is a café called “Puddles” where they serve pastries, teas, coffees, and smoothies. There is a limited selection of foods one can purchase to bring back to their room as well as bottled drinks.


Barnhart is located off campus and certainly a bit of a trek for those located closer to school, though people still flock to this spot for its weekend brunch. Although it is admittedly tempting, it can get old fast. For those who live in this hall, it is easiest to eat there rather than take the bus all the way to campus. These students often settle for eating the same thing multiple days in a row. It is obvious that they could provide further options, especially for students who do not have easy access to other dining halls, and yet they remain the same.

This is how the dining halls at the University of Oregon are ranked

3. Living Learning Center

The Living Learning Center lacks variety but certainly makes up for it in taste. LLC serves only custom salads and sandwiches. They are so good that one could easily eat this for both lunch and dinner. This dining hall is centrally located and consists of these custom options as well as a café which also sells smoothies, coffee, etc. There is a small section where students can purchase snacks to bring back to their dorm or just throw in their backpacks.


This hall has what I consider to be the best Caesar salad I have ever had. I have placed it in the middle of the rankings because although it is quite good, it is not the most versatile or compelling of the dining halls. Still, LLC is always a good option out of the dining halls at the University of Oregon!

2. Global Scholars Hall

Global Scholars Hall is certainly one of the nicest of all the dining halls at the University of Oregon, and with that comes great food! There are a variety of choices within this dining hall. Upon entering, one encounters a large glass case of pastries. This includes many drink options as well, similar to the dining halls mentioned previously. GSH offers custom pasta bowls, rice bowls, and even sushi! There is a deli counter which is always rotating its items and the middle of the room is essentially a mini market. It offers many types of pre-packaged food and snacks for purchase.

The custom bars often contain specials for the day such as new sauces, or alternate types of pasta. Additionally, because the deli case is constantly changing, there are always new options. This is nice for students who live there because they are not confined to the same few choices.


This is how the dining halls at the University of Oregon are ranked

See Also

1. Hamilton

Ranking as our number one of all the dining halls at the University of Oregon is Hamilton. The main reason for this is that it has the most options so there is bound to be something for everyone.


Big Mouth Burrito

The first thing you see when you walk in is Big Mouth Burrito, a dorm-ified Chipotle which serves custom burritos, tacos, salads, bowls, nachos, and quesadillas. Students receive chips with their meal and access to their extensive and free salsa bar.

Fire and Spice Grill

Next is Fire and Spice Grill which you will always see swarming with hungry students! You’re given a bowl color coordinated to the protein you choose, which you then fill will vegetables that are soon placed on a large grill and made with your choice of rice or Yakisoba noodles. Although it is time consuming, it is well worth it.

Gastro Grub

Gastro Grub is located inside the market and sells breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Their menu is fast, simple, and delicious. It includes anything from scrambled eggs to pastrami reubens. Also located inside the market is a custom sandwich and salad bar.


Grab ‘n’ Go Marketplace

The Grab ‘n’ Go Marketplace is the center of all food-related needs. It is stocked with just about anything a student may want or need. The best part is it can all be paid for with points! Students are able to use both their regular and rollover points to buy their groceries. This is extremely convenient and cost effective.

Common Grounds

Commond Grounds is the perfect spot for a late night WHAMMIE or a mid-day snack. This café has a cool vibe with good music. Not to mention, great sandwiches, açaí bowls, drinks, ice cream and more! All in all, Hamilton has enough choices to never grow tired of its yummy food!

Let us know what you think about the dining halls at the University of Oregon in the comments below!
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