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The Ultimate Queens Bucket List

The Ultimate Queens Bucket List

If you're going to be visiting Queens then you need to check out our Queens bucket list! Here's a list of things you totally need to do in Queens!

Queens is one of those places where everyone has done everything there is to be done, and we continue to go to these places over and over again because it’s just what we do! Whether you’ve been to Queens, New York or not there are these must-see attractions and must-do activities that everyone should experience. They’re great for solo ops, sweet things to do with your S.O., or memorable things to do with family or friends. Here it is your Queens bucket list …an ultimate one.

Jump In The Unisphere Fountain

This is number one because only a real native of Queens has actually jumped in the fountain. A lot of people visit Flushing Meadows Park. It’s a huge commodity here. But you haven’t done Queens until you’ve gotten wet in that fountain.

The Ultimate Queens Bucket List

See The Panorama

While you’re over in Flushing Meadows, and probably before you get soaked, you can see the Queens Museum’s Panorama of the City of New York. If you’ve never seen a Panorama before, it’s a crazy experience. It’s truly one of the biggest attractions of Queens and is just thrilling to see. Imagine putting the whole city of New York under your feet. That’s what it’s like.

The Ultimate Queens Bucket List

See The City From Queens

There’s a lot of places in Queens from which you can see Manhattan’s beautiful tall skyscrapers, shooting up over the East River. Under the Queens Borough Bridge in Queens Bridge Park is one of the nicest spots to get the view. It’s a mesmerizing scene and something you can’t miss. So if you’re trying to do only the ultimate things in Queens, add this to your bucket list!

The Ultimate Queens Bucket List

Use Our Biking Lanes

Biking in the city is an everyday exhilarating experience. You can bike pretty much anywhere in the world, but if you want a feel as exciting as mountain biking, I’d say city biking is the next big thing! It takes massive strategy and skill to bike in this busy place and Queens has lots of routes some with biking lanes and some without. If you’re writing up a bucket list for Queens you can definitely include biking through the city because it’s a thrill.

The Ultimate Queens Bucket List

A Picnic In A Park

Picnics don’t have to be so old fashioned. You can make them a bucket list thing easily with an awesome spot, the right people, and good food. They’re actually a really sweet thing to do with you S.O. or your parents if they’re visiting you. A great park for picnics is Baisley Pond Park located in South Jamaica. It has a huge beautiful pond complete with ducks and all that great sceneric stuff, lovely green views, and tons of space. Another great thing about it is if you don’t want to bring your own food, there’s a KFC right on a nearby corner where you can get a bucket of chicken to share!

The Ultimate Queens Bucket List

Skate Park

Maybe you’re more daring than a picnic. Well I’ve never seen anyone parachuting in Queens but if you can skateboard you can add skateboarding in Forest Park to your bucket list. Forest Park Skate Park is huge and surrounded by one of the most beautiful green areas in Queens. You’ll feel like you’re in the country getting through it because it’s so untouched and authentic and skating there is an ultimate experience that you’ll remember, if you’re any good at skating.

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The Ultimate Queens Bucket List

Ice Skating

Ice Skating is another treasure of Queens and New York City in general. You can’t do city life without having ice skated in an arena somewhere. There’s a great one in Flushing Meadows Corona Park called the World Ice Arena that has public hours as well as lessons and special events. Ice skating is loads of fun and something you should definitely do at least once in your life.

The Ultimate Queens Bucket List

Luna Park, Brooklyn

This last one is technically not in Queens, but it is a Queens native thing to do! Just ask anyone from Queens if they’ve ever been to Coney Island. They better say yes! Luna Park over in Brooklyn is like our closest amusement park and is definitely something you should do once in your life to check off your Queens bucket list. There’s a long hot boardwalk, tons of traditional carnival foods, rides, entertainment, great parking. Truly a great experience for anyone in Queens! Make sure you cross this off your ultimate Queens bucket list! You’ll have loads of fun.

The Ultimate Queens Bucket List

What do you think is a must do on your Queens bucket list? Maybe I can add some things to my own bucket list! Let me know in the comments!
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