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The Ultimate New Orleans Bucket List

The Ultimate New Orleans Bucket List

Your New Orleans bucket list is here. Find out why these things are all on the ultimate New Orleans bucket list. These are the things to do when you go to New Orleans. These New Orleans destinations are things you can't miss next time you visit. Check it out.

Oh New Orleans, how I love the voodoo you do! You are more than just beignets, ghost tours, streetcars, and drinking on Bourbon Street….you are magic! NOLA you get under people’s skin and go straight for their soul. Now that Mardi Gras and your 300 year anniversary is fast approaching, it got me thinking; I’m going to give you the ultimate New Orleans bucket list. For those of you who want to know the city, culture and have an unreal trip, this New Orleans bucket list is for you. This New Orleans bucket list is not for the introverted or fainthearted. This is The Big Easy bucket list that involved a lot of drinking; no, you will not be flashing your chests for beads – unless you get the urge to. Here are a few notes to keep in mind readers: all these items cannot be done in one trip and depend on a specific times of year. Secondly, you should do this list with several people regardless of if you are single or in a relationship. Here is the ultimate New Orleans bucket list.

1. Central Grocery & Po Boy at Verti Marte

For lunch get a muffaletta at Central Grocery or a Po Boy at Verti Marte, go grab a bench in Jackson Square and eat it in front of St. Louis Cathedral.Image result for Po Boy at Verti Marte

2. Go to a Big Freedia Bounce Show

Queen Diva, you besta believa!

Image result for Big Freedia Bounce Show

3. Drink absinthe in Pirates Alley Cafe

…the green fairy will show you the way to your next destination.

Image result for Pirates Alley Cafe
4. Enter the Stella!/ Stanley! Shouting Contest

If you don’t know what this contest is about or what from, you should just hang your head in shame now!

Image result for Stella!/ Stanley! Shouting Contest.

5. Make your karaoke debut at Kajun’s Pub

Image result for new orleans Kajun’s Pub.

6. Stay for a whole Rebirth Brass Band show on a Tuesday night at the Maple Leaf

Image result for new orleans Rebirth Brass Band

7. Sneak into the old Six Flags New Orleans site and take pictures

Research on how to do this without being arrested! I am not responsible for anyone going to jail!

Image result for old Six Flags New Orleans

8. Spend an evening at Colette New Orleans, then go to The Dungeon, and then over to the Penthouse Club and then finish up at The Alibi

What happens at these places, stays at these places!

Image result for Alibi new orleans

9. Stay up all night at Aunt Tiki’s and then catch the sun rise on the levee

You’ll be in for the most interesting night of your life but you’ll have the most beautiful morning ever!

Image result for Aunt Tiki's New orleans

10. Catch a burlesque show at the Allways Lounge

Image result for Allways Lounge New orleans

11. Go to MOMS Ball in an amazing flamboyant costume or dare to not go in costume and see what happens!

For those that are truly daring, I triple dog dare you to not show up in costume,especially if you usually go commando!

Image result for MOMS Ball New orleans

12. Get up close and personal to experience the Krewe Du Vieux Parade on Frenchmen Street!

13. Mardi Gras morning, get your booty in a costume and march in the St. Anne’s Parade start at the R bar.

Then afterwards, during Mardi Gras day, find, beg, con, flirt, or buy your way onto a balcony on Royal Street to throw beads…” Throw me something, Mister!”

14. Go to a crawfish boil and go to town on those lil buggers! Yum!

Image result for crawfish boil New orleans

15. Participate in The Red Dress Run!

Image result for Red Dress Run New orleans

16.Participate in San Fermin in Nueva Orleans or The Running Of The Bulls with Roller Derby Girls

Image result for Running Of The Bulls with Roller Derby Girls nola

17. Ride the ferry to Algiers

The Mighty Mississippi will talk to you and tell you what you need to hear if you choose to listen to it!

Image result for ferry to Algiers nola

18. Do a breakfast at Brennan’s and a Friday lunch at Galatoire’s

Your stomach will thank you!

19.Walk the trail at Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve then go have a drink at his bar on Bourbon Street

Image result for bourbon street new orleans

20. If you see one, Do! Not! Hesitate! Join in and march in a Second Line!

21. Bar hop down Frenchmen Street but make sure your last stop is Checkpoint Charlie’s

Image result for Frenchmen Street new orleans

22. Get all dolled up and take the streetcar Uptown and have a cocktail outside on the porch at The Columns Hotel

Image result for The Columns Hotel new orleans

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23.Take a tour of the upstairs of Muriel’s restaurant

Spooky!!! You might want to grab some dinner or lunch there afterwards so you don’t upset the spirits that dwell within!

Image result for Muriel's restaurant new orleans

24. Have a Separator at Good Friends Bar then go and dance at Oz.

25. Stroll up Frenchmen, in the early morning

Grab a coffee from Rose Nicaud, some pistolettes, croissants, or Donuts from Binders Bakery, and walk the Quarter. Trust me, best morning ever!

Image result for Rose Nicaud new orleans

26. Sneak into a St. Louis Cemetery and take pictures.

You are not allowed in without being on a tour. Note for the voodoo enthusiast – Marie Laveau is buried in St. Louis Cemetery 1.

27. Sneak into the pool at the Hotel Monteleone

Don’t get caught and then go down to the Carousel Bar and grab a cocktail then head over to the Roosevelt Bar and have a Sazerac and Ramos Gin Fizz, then if you really feel daring, sneak into the pool at the Roosevelt.

Image result for Hotel Monteleone new orleans

28. Climb the Tree of Life at Audubon Park or at least go and sit under it for a while.

29.Catch a show at Tipitina’s

30. Sit outside at Cafe Envie and let anyone who wants to sit at your table sit with you

Be open to any and all conversation. Some of the most interesting and bizarre conversations of your life will be had there.

Image result for Cafe Envie new orleans

31. Get a tarot reading at Glass Magick

Image result for Glass Magick new orleans

32. Go to the Museum of Death, The National WWII Museum, Voodoo Authentica, and The New Orleans Pharmacy Museum

Image result for Voodoo Authentica new orleans

33. Purchase a poem or drawing from a street artist/writer

34. Dance with everyone that asks you to dance!

And I mean, anyone that asked you to dance!!!

35. Last but not least, for when you are hungover this will save your life the next day, get an egg and cheese Po Boy from Johnny’s Po Boys fully dressed ( with cheddar)…when finished, go and get a frozen coffee from Molly’s at the Market or a Bloody Mary from the Golden Lantern ( depending on your preference) and you’ll be right as rain!!!

So there you have my it, my bucket list! I could have gone on and on, but somethings a girl just has to keep to herself. If you feel like I missed anything that is a must do in NOLA that you want to add in, or you are in disagreement with my list, or want share your experiences down in the Crescent City, or you feel like being friendly and you just want to say hi, please use the comments sections below! Till next time and laissez les bon temps rouler, y’all!!!

Let us know what you think about this New Orleans bucket list in the comments below!
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