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The Ultimate List Of Hallmark Christmas Movies To Watch This Year

Hallmark Christmas movies are playing constantly throughout the month of December. Some are more popular than others, but for most of us, they are a great way to have Christmas movies on without having our full undivided attention given to sitting down and watching a movie. Hallmark Christmas movies are perfect to have playing while you are putting up the tree, decorating your house, and having some hot chocolate with your family, and getting in the Christmas spirit. 

Switched For Christmas

Candace Cameron-Bure is big on the Hallmark channel, appearing in a lot of the movies we are going to be talking about here. In Switched For Christmas, she plays twins who do not get along but are brought back together on Christmas after their mother’s death. They are both unhappy with their lives and envious of each other. So they decide to switch lives on Christmas Day and discover themselves a lot better in the process.

A Very Merry Mix Up

A Very Merry Mix Up is about a woman who travels with her fiance during the holidays so that she can finally meet her future in-laws for the first time. At the airport, she loses her luggage and runs into her fiance’s brother. They decide to travel together but end up getting in a bad car crash. After bonding with the family and having a great time, the brother shows up at the hospital, only to discover that this isn’t her fiance and she has been spending all this time with the wrong Mitchum family. She meets her fiance’s family and realizes they are not as friendly and he is not the man she thought she loved. 

A Christmas Detour

In this movie, another woman is on her way to meet her future in-laws, but her flight is delayed. She meets an unromantic man on the plane and ends up assigned in a room next to him while waiting for their flight, and then meets an unhappy couple who has been married for over twenty years. She takes a long detour due to the snowstorm and realizes she is okay with how her trip ended up, and develops feelings for the man she met. This detour helps her discover who and what she really wants in life. 

The Holiday

Iris is still in love with her cheating ex-boyfriend, but upon discovering that he is now engaged, she decides to get away for the holidays. Amanda dumps her boyfriend after finding out that he is cheating on her as well, and the two ladies find each other’s cottages online and decide to swap homes for two weeks. They both have entirely different experiences in each other’s homes, but find love and their way through the confusing holiday. 

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Ralph is on his way to visit his niece Jennifer for Christmas when he meets a man at the airport who’s flights keep getting delayed. He invites him to spend the holidays at his niece’s house with him, but the man and niece soon discover that they are very different people. After a mishap at the airport a few days later, Morgan, the man Ralph met at the airport, and Jennifer spend the day bonding. Throughout the movie, Jennifer realizes that Morgan is the man for her and must find him after he leaves for Christmas. 

A Shoe Addict’s Christmas

Noelle has hated the holidays ever since her boyfriend broke up with her on Christmas Eve three years ago. She accidentally gets locked in her department store on Christmas Eve. Then she meets a woman who claims to be her guardian angel and takes her through all of her Christmas ghosts of the past, present, and future. 

Road To Christmas

When Maggie falls for Danny, she tries to bring him and his brothers back to their mom for Christmas. She plans on doing this on a live production and things do not go as planned. During all of the chaos, Maggie is reminded of what truly makes Christmas magical. Being surrounded by family and loved ones makes the holiday season all the more special. 

A Princess For Christmas

When Jules becomes the legal guardian of her niece and nephew, Maddie and Milo, things get a little crazy after she blames them for driving away the nanny. The children’s wealthy grandfather sends his butler to invite the family to his palace to spend the holiday together. The three of them get the rest of the family and friends in the holiday spirit that was lacking before their arrival. Jules ends up leaving after some miscommunication, and her love is stuck chasing after her to make things better. 

See Also

Snow Bride

Greta is a tabloid reporter who is on the hunt to get the scoop about a Christmas proposal happening with the Senator’s son. She finds herself mistaken as a guest of the wedding when trying to be the first to get the report, so she stays for the event. She quickly realizes how amazing and down to earth the family is and feels bad about sneaking in. Greta gets stuck in an ethical dilemma on how far she should go to get the best story for her job. 

Moonlight And Mistletoe

Holly’s holiday spirit has been crushed living with her dad, Nick, in a year-round Christmas village Santaville. She moves out but ends up returning when her dad has a bad injury and needs help getting ready for Christmas. She tries to save the village while also encountering love. 

Christmas With Holly

Holly hasn’t spoken a single word since her mother died. Her uncle, who also happens to be her guardian, Mark, decides it is time for a change for both of them. They move in with Mark’s brothers, and there they meet Maggie, who has also recently just moved to Friday Harbor. Maggie was left at the altar and decided to move away and open up a toy store. The three of them are lost and confused but together, they get better. 

Which of these Hallmark Christmas movies will you be watching this holiday season? Let us know in the comments below!

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