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The Ultimate List Of Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend This Christmas

The Ultimate List Of Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend This Christmas

Want to spoil your girlfriend this holiday season but unsure of what to buy her? We have created a list of foolproof presents that she will absolutely love! If you’re looking to splurge or you’re on a budget, we have options for you. Ranging from Jewelry to flowers, even art, there is something here that will be perfect for the lady you love most. Read below for the best gift ideas for your girlfriend.

1. Jewelry

When you don’t know what to do, the easy choice is to go for jewelry. There are so many different options, and sometimes it can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to break it down for you! A necklace is always a nice gift for your significant other, whether you’re a few months or a few years into dating.

You can also get her a ring. It doesn’t have to signify anything more than just a present, don’t worry. Get her a cute signet ring (if you want to go the extra mile, get in engraved with both of your initials on it). If they’re not into any of those, try a pair of earrings or a bracelet. Go for something that will make a statement, or tone it back with elegant studs. The possibilities are endless!


Some of our favorites can be purchased from APM Monaco or Alex Mika Jewelry. For more of a pricier gift, you can never go wrong at Tiffany and Co or Stephanie Gottlieb.

2. Candle

Scents are connected to our memories. What could be a better way to have her remember you than by purchasing her a scent that will stick with her. There are so many different options, including one that melts down to a massage oil ;). We love brands like Homesick and 43 Pressed with scents inspired by other cities, states, and countries for a more personalized candle.


If you want to buy her a gift that will last forever, swing for an option like Diptique. These can be cleaned out and used as cute decorative and practical glasses (shown below). If you are feeling adventurous, check out your nearest candle-making store. Getting to spend time with your woman and actually use your hands to make something together is an experience that can’t be matched.

Some of our favorites can be purchased at Candlefish, 43 Pressed,
or Anthropologie.


3. Makeup/Skincare Brushes

Show your girlfriend how much you pay attention to her by buying her a set of quality and aesthetically pleasing brushes. She will love that you are taking an interest in her self care, and she will get to use them time after time. If you’re worried about your gift’s practicality, this is as practical as it can get. Even if your girlfriend isn’t a makeup person, our favorite Artis brushes work perfectly for skincare (and everyone needs skincare).


Purchase at Artis for a more extravagant gift or Colourpop for a cheaper set that’s still high quality.

4. Art

Art is timeless, and if you decide to go for a quality piece, it will only appreciate in the long-run. Get something that your loved one will cherish for a long time coming. If you don’t know where to start, get something that is personalized for her. Andy Blank makes it’s easy with a variety of awesome prints, paintings, and drawings. He also ships hanging tools along with it, so you’re not scrambling to figure it out on your own. Society 6 is one of our favorite options to buy art if you’re trying to spend a little less money. With thousands of different artists and contributors, you’re sure to find something perfect for the most special person in your life.


Purchase at Andy Blank or Society 6

5.  Shopping Spree

During times like these, in-person shopping sprees may have to be put on the backburner. For now, have fun scrolling through your girlfriend’s favorite clothing websites with her. She’ll love that you’re trying to have an interest in her life and fashion sense. Pro tip: since it’s going to be a little cooler, buy her some warmer, cozier clothes. Even if you’re not, they’re to keep her comfort, which reminds you of her can.


Shop at Nordstrom, Revolve, or her favorite clothing brand.

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6. DIY date night

Nothing screams romantic more than spending the time to put something special together. It doesn’t have to be expensive; it just has to show that you care. Spend time and plan out what you want to do. Whether it be a picnic, a romantic movie date, a stop at your favorite restaurant, and then a scavenger hunt, it doesn’t matter! Let your imagination run wild. Trust us when we say you will get brownie points for working so hard to plan the most memorable night.


Get everything you need at your nearest craft and grocery. Some of our favorite options can be purchased at Michaels for a DIY version. If you want to take her out for the night, make a reservation at her favorite spot. Use Yelp to do it!

7. Long-Lasting Flowers

You’ve probably seen these all over Instagram, and they’re popular for a reason. Eternity flowers last for over a year, and they’re absolutely beautiful. Remind your girlfriend how much you love her with any beautiful arrangement you choose. For some of the companies, you can even personalize the box, flower pattern, and more. Now, we didn’t say this was a cheap option. Because these flowers were created to last a significant amount of time, it comes with a price. But it is well worth it. Brands that sell these flowers include Infinity Roses, Eternal Fleur, and Eternal Roses. Our favorite brand is Venus Et Fleur; they just released a stunning gardenia collection that is selling out fast. Go grab yours before it’s too late.


Buy at Venus Et Fleur or Infinity Roses for some of our favorite personalized options.


Tell us what your favorite gift you’ve ever received or given during the holidays. Let us know in the comments below, we can’t wait to hear what you have to say!