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The Ultimate List of Dorms at the University of Pittsburgh

The Ultimate List of Dorms at the University of Pittsburgh

The Ultimate List of Dorms at the University of Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh is home to more than 34,000 students and almost 42% of the entire student population opts to live in a college-owned building or dorm. Below you will find the ultimate list of dorms that might give you a better sense of where to live whether you are a student who is just starting out or simply need a refresher of the many awesome dorms here at this prestigious institution!

1. Towers A,B,C

Although under one title, you will find these buildings to be three separate buildings on campus. Each year they are exclusively home to more than 1,868 freshmen if you combine the three dorms. By browsing through a brochure on the University of Pittsburgh, you will notice that Towers A, B, and C dominate the cover. In other words, these freshman dorms are the epitome of the university due to their eclectic architecture and their being the largest housing complexes on campus! The buildings are tall cylinders that you just cannot miss. If you are visiting campus anytime soon, make sure to look out for the cylinder trio!

2. Amos Hall

Amos is located in the “Quad” and hence is one of the many buildings which surrounds a pleasant garden, where you will find students relaxing in between their busy schedules. Now, this dorm houses only 150 female students and due to this reason, many sororities take up residence in Amos. The additional appeal to this dorm is that you will encounter easy access to Starbucks. By descending a flight of stairs, you will indulge in some Starbucks to lighten up the midterm week stress!


3. Bouquet Gardens

Ahh Bouquet Gardens, everyone’s favorite! This dorm accommodates almost 670 students and it’s considered to be the most elite hall for upperclassmen. Each student is promised their own personal room with a shared full kitchen. Although a little more expensive compared to the other dorms, this building is always a tug of war for students because it gives you the necessary amenities along with the proximity to the main campus. You really get your money’s worth here, so make sure to cue up early!

4. Brackenridge Hall

Another member of the “Quad” greets us! This building is shared among both underclassmen and upperclassmen and accommodates a total of 205 students. Brackenridge also harbors two living-learning communities. In other words, students who have a potential interest to be housed with fellow students who have the same major live here. For example, students who have an interest in majoring in business are housed in this building. By specifying to be housed with a living-learning community, you can quickly become acquainted with potential friends with similar interests.

5. Bruce Hall

Yet another player joins us in the “Quad” and this time only abiding 195 students. This dorm is catered to those who would consider themselves to be a member of the Pitt Business Living Learning Community. Being a member of the “Quad” also means that you are in proximity to the dining hall and the main campus. If you are someone who is a Business major and wants to be close to the main campus, then you should strongly consider Bruce!


6. Holland Hall

Located in the “Quad” Holland hall is usually the second option that the freshman scribble in on their housing form. It is not as popular as Towers A,B, or C, but it is still a favored choice among the freshman due to the fact that it is adjacent to almost all of your first-year classes. This dorm is also significantly large in size, housing 600 students in total. Holland is known to hold a significant title at the university because every year on Halloween, the school uses the building for some spooky activities! If you are up for some fun and memorable moments, then Holland is your new home!

7. Irvis Hall

Up we go! Irvis is located on upper campus and it is a building for those upperclassmen that would like to be housed in a newly renovated building. Irvis houses approximately 400 students and it is the best option for those who want to be close to the recreation center. If you are housed close to the recreation center, then that means that you will be close to everything sports. In other words, your room will most likely overlook a beautiful green field that is usually reserved for those who want to lounge on the grass or engage in outdoor activities. If you need some green space within the city, then this place is a must for you!

8. Lothrop Hall

We get it, sometimes you need your space! That is why Lothrop welcomes you with open arms if you are someone who would prefer to live alone. However, do not be fooled because this dorm harbors more than 700 students who want to live alone, while at the same time meet new faces. Here, you will be about a 5-minute walk from the main campus and from most of your classes as well. Since the University of Pittsburgh is home to many nursing students, Lothrop is usually chosen by those students because you are in fact very close to the hospital!


9. Forbes Hall

Forbes Hall is located on Forbes Avenue! If you want to live among the vibrancy of the city of Pittsburgh, while being close to the main campus, then this residence hall is going to be your top choice. This dorm is close to many amazing restaurants that you will have to dine at. Now, Forbes is open to only freshmen and houses only 200 of those new faces. So, if you think this place speaks to your wants and needs, make sure to act fast because rooms fill up quickly!

10. Forbes-Craig Apartments

Forbes-Craig is similar to Bouquet Gardens, yet a slightly cheaper option. It also incorporates three to four single rooms, while sharing a full kitchen. However, this dorm is also a 5-minute walk from the main campus, yet close to many nice restaurants, the Carnegie Museum, and to a park where students bond and relax. However, Forbes-Craig is exclusive to upperclassmen which harbors only 102 students.

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11. McCormick Hall

McCormick is located across from Amos. However, this residence hall is open to all upperclassmen and only harbors 132 students. This building is located in the “Quad” and is an ideal space for students who would prefer to be somewhere near the main campus and its facilities. Most of the rooms here are suites and are shared among a handful of students. Although not stated, McCormick houses more males than females.

12. Nordenberg Hall

Nordenberg or “Nordy” is located on Fifth Avenue and is also considered to be one of the top choices among the freshman population. Due to the fact that it is newly renovated, this dorm holds a prestigious position among the students who have lived here. It houses almost 600 students and although not a part of the “Quad”, it is located just a crosswalk away from that area. If you are looking to hold the title of a king during your freshman year, then make sure you get to live in Nordenberg hall!

13. Panther Hall

The trudge to upper campus might be somewhat of an annoyance, but it is all worth it to live in a newly renovated apartment looking over a beautiful green field. Now, this residence hall only houses upperclassmen and is located next to Irvis. Many of the upperclassmen who want to experience that life always choose to live here. Consisting of 500 upperclassmen, you will have a lot of fun being surrounded by green space, away from the loudness of a city.


14. Ruskin Hall

When you enter the doors of Ruskin, you think you are entering a castle! This residence hall is home to 400 upperclassmen students and is located farther away from the main campus. The outside of this hall is considered to be the most beautiful out of all of the halls that we toured!

15. Sutherland Hall

Sutherland is also located on the upper campus along with Irvis and Panther. However, this residence hall only houses freshman honors students. Home to almost 700 students, you will find memorable moments bonding with other freshmen and mingling with upperclassmen, as they are your neighbors. This residence hall is admired among many because it is newly renovated and has its own dining hall, so you will not have to worry about going down to the lower campus to grab food!

By looking at this long list of amazing residence halls to live in, which three will you choose to circle? Let us know in the comments!