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The Ultimate Hokie Bucket List For Every Student at VT

Keep reading for the ultimate Hokie Bucket List every student at Virginia Tech should be aware of!

1. Hike McAfee’s Knob.

I grew up less than an hour away from Tech, so hiking has always been something I could do with my friends. One day, my friend was telling me that not everyone has hiked before and that we really need to take advantage of the amazing hiking trails we have near us. They are absolutely beautiful and although they are sometimes challenging, they are definitely worth it in the end because of the view.

Tip: McAfee’s has a “fire road” that is easier than the actual trail, and I really recommend you take it unless you want a challenge because it is a long hike. It will take at least 5 or 6 hours, so make sure you eat before and bring lots of snacks and water. Make sure you get a picture at the top!

2. Play an intramural sport.

I played softball last year, and we won the championship. When you win, you get a free t-shirt and the picture of your team in War Memorial Gym! It is really fun, and most of our games were later at night around 8:30, so you won’t have to worry about it interfering with class or other activities. You can also be an umpire/referee for an intramural sport if you would prefer that instead!


3. Hike the Cascades!

For those who don’t like to hike mountains as much, the Cascades are a lot easier and shorter. It is a waterfall, and it is gorgeous. I haven’t gotten to hike it when it’s frozen yet, but it’s my goal to do it this year.

4. Participate in the Cadets vs. Civilian snowball fight.

This is not part of the actual Hokie bucket list, but I still think it’s a must. Snow and winter aren’t really my favorite, but I could not wait for the first big snow in Blacksburg. Classes got cancelled, and I prepared for this famous snowball fight. Dress warm and have a good pair of gloves, so your hands don’t freeze.

Tip: If you don’t actually want to be in the snowball fight, at least watch it from the Pylons because you really don’t want to miss it!

5. Get a picture with the Hokie Bird.

And of course, you HAVE to get a picture with the awesome Hokie Bird! Sometimes he’s walking around campus or at a baseball game (which is where I saw him) so make sure you both snap a pic together!

6. Attend a concert in Burruss.

I missed 2 different concerts at Burruss, and I seriously regret it. The tickets are a lot cheaper than going to a concert somewhere else, and you don’t even have to leave campus to get there.

7. Sneak into Lane at night.

This isn’t on the actual list, but everyone knows that it’s a thing. I haven’t done it yet, but it’s also at the top of my personal bucket list. A lot of my friends have done it and taken the cutest pictures. Technically you aren’t supposed to do it, but if you get caught they just tell you to leave and it’s all good.

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8. Get a parking ticket…

It’s inevitable… I only got one parking ticket last year, but Parking Services is savage because they hand them out left and right. It wouldn’t be Virginia Tech without Parking Services and their endless tickets.


9. Sing Karaoke at TOTS Tuesday.

There are always a lot of people at TOTS, and it’s so close to campus. You know when someone is there when they post a picture of them in front of the maroon and orange VT flag.

10. Celebrate a win in Lane with 66,233 of your closest friends.

At Virginia Tech, no matter what season it is everyone wishes it was football season. There really is no place like Lane.

The Student Alumni Association (SAA) ALSO made their own Hokie bucket list that you absolutely need to take a look at! Check out more things a hokie must do here!

What are some other things you think should be added to the ultimate Hokie Bucket List? Comment below and share this article with other Hokies!
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