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The Ultimate Guide To Hair Extensions For White Girls

The Ultimate Guide To Hair Extensions For White Girls

You've probably heard of white girl extensions. Here is the 411 on hair extensions for white girls. Extensions for white girls vary so pay close attention!
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Looking to switch up your hairstyle and add a little length? By now I’m sure you’ve all heard of hair extensions. Like most things in the beauty world, not everything is one-size/style fits all. Hair extensions are a bit more complex than you might think; there are different methods to achieving the perfect hair that come with varying hair compatibility. Here is your run down on the four most popular hair extension methods: sew in, tape in, fusion and clip-in. Prep yourself Society19 babes for a lesson in white girl extensions.


If you are looking to get the best bang-for-your-buck, sew-ins are the move. What’s more? They are easy to remove and require little maintenance. Your hair is tightly braided in order to create a base for the extensions. If you choose to opt or this method, expect to be in the salon frequently. Your hair needs to be retightening during the four months they tend to last. That being said, not all hair types can handle the weight and vigor from the braiding. If you’ve got thin or dry hair, this probably isn’t the method for you. Feel like it’s a match? These extensions come in several different colors, types and textures so you can work with a stylist to figure out which pair best suits you. Sew-in hair extensions range in price depending on quality and length so consult with a hairstylist before doing the deed.


Looking to add more thickness and volume to your hair? Tape-in hair extensions are the way to go. This method takes a short amount of time but you do need to come in every six to eight weeks to have them taken out and then reinstalled. Using a heating tool, glue is applied to the extension and applied to the hair wefts. Your hair is placed between two wefts, creating a seal. Heavy conditioners and oils can create hair extension slipping so be careful! If you are someone who loves hair products, I’m gonna have to veto the idea of tape-in extensions for you. The plus to this method is that you can reuse your extensions a bunch before having to order new ones.



So this is a new one for me. Fusion hair extensions apply individual, hot or cold, keratin bonds to your hair. This method is a perfect match for someone looking to add volume and length to their hair while requiring little to no maintenance. Essentially, you can treat the extensions as if they are your own hair. If you’ve got damaged or serious amounts of stress to your hair, this is definitely not a suitable option. Fusion hair extensions take a bit longer than other methods. You can expect to be sitting in the chair for two to three hours if you’re doing a full head of extensions; which I’m assuming you are because no one wants half of their hair a different length. Fusion hair extensions are also on the more expensive side but, they do last you four months!

Clip-in or Temporaries

Clip-in hair extensions are pretty popular, which is why we saved the best for last. This method uses multiple wefts of hair that are attached to a clip. They come in different sizes so you can place them all around your head; again, doing half of your head? No. If you want instant gratification for special occasions, this is your method. They require little time and add volume and length to your hair. That’s not all! Clip-in extensions come in just about every color, texture and best of all, price range. Synthetic hair is always an option if you want to go around looking like a trashy-hoe. Kidding. I would however recommend real hair extensions since it looks a thousand times better.

Real hair clip-in extensions also make using heating tools easier. Imagine straightening a wig; that’s what it’s like using synthetic hair. Looking for a temporary alternative to clip ins? Halos are used for length or volume and are perfect for someone looking for even less maintenance. They have an barely visible wire that connects to a weft of the hair. This method uses your hair’s weight to keep them secure. You can’t really go wrong with this method.


Best Places To Shop For Clip Ins:

Cashmere Hair Extensions

Originally seen on ABC’s Shark Tank, Cashmere Hair Extensions are one of the top players in the game. Seen in Life&Style magazine, theInsider, InTouch, and voted the best By Viva Glam Magazine, you know you’re getting dependable trustworthy clips ins. With dozens of colors, styles, and lengths to choose from, there’s an option for everybody!


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Luxy Hair

Luxy Hair is another amazing brand for finding good quality clip ins. With 13 shades to choose from, there’s a perfect match for everyone!

The Hair Shop

The Hair Shop is one of the professional’s top choices for hair extensions! They’ve been featured in many places such as Cosmo, Refinery29, Elle and more! The best part about The Hair Shop is that their prices are slightly more affordable than other brands. With that said, there is a perfect brand for everybody, just do your research and you’ll find the one that fits you best!




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