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The Ultimate Guide To Tantric Sex For Beginners

The Ultimate Guide To Tantric Sex For Beginners

Tantric sex or tantra is all about unity, connections, and becoming one with your partner. Here is the guide to having the most passionate sex of your life.

Never heard of tantric sex or tantra? You aren’t alone. It’s a way of going about sex that dates FAR back to Buddhism and Hinduism. In short, tantric sex is nothing more than having a complete unity and connection with your partner during sex. You are both 100% mindful, open and present. Sounds like we all could use some tantra. Here is the ultimate guide to having tantra sex.

1. Take turns taking control

When it comes to tantric sex, you want to be able to be as open as possible. One way of doing this is taking turns with who is in control. Even if you aren’t into BDSM, you should give it a go on a basic level. If that’s not something you’re down for, then you can simply let your partner take charge of the positions, speeds, etc. With one person in charge, the other is giving themselves completely and vice versa.


Performing tantra is all about being OPEN. That means trying new things and coming up with new positions, locations, and ways of having sex together. The more open you are to newness, the more passionate your sex will be.

3. Take it down a notch

It’s a marathon, not a sprint. When having tantric sex, you need to realize that it is ALL about learning what each person likes and feeling every motion and touch. It’s being mindful of what is going on and focusing on each other, not the outcome.

4. The ultimate position of Yab-Yum

Yab-Yum dates back to the beginning of tantra. It is a position where the woman sits on the mans lap facing him. Obvs this can be done with any partner no matter what gender. This position allows for complete connection and passion.

5. Talk it out

Tantric sex is all about energy and making sure both of you are making that connection. Having clear and open communication is key.

6. Focus on your breathing

Just like meditating, you need to focus on your breathing. Look at tantric sex as tuning into yourself and your partner rather than just sex. Focusing on each other’s breathing helps to strengthen that bond.

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7. Clear your mind

When going into tantra, you need to be completely cleared and in the moment. If your mind is racing, you aren’t completely present and won’t get the most out of the experience.

8. Take more time to focus on touch and kissing

Tantric sex is all about paying close attention to the details. It’s important that you take time to kiss and feel your partner.

Have you ever tried tantric sex or do you have any other tips!? Share in the comments below!

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