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The Ultimate Guide To Off-Campus Eats At Boston College

The Ultimate Guide To Off-Campus Eats At Boston College

It is September, which means that having the same dining hall meals every day is already starting to get old. Sometimes, you just need a break from the Lower grilled chicken and two sides or the Hillside omelets- even if that break is for dessert off-campus. So, I have made my personal favorite list of the best off-campus eats so you can reinvigorate your taste buds without having to go too far- from healthy breakfasts to late-night grub.


Let’s start with the basics here- we are a Mass school after all. While this may not technically count as off-campus eats, Dunkin’ is definitely a morning (or afternoon, or night) staple for students. Sometimes you just need a fresh Dunkin’ iced coffee with a pink frosted donut, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Also, Dunkin’ is a great spot to pick up some pre-game day bagels!

Playa Bowls 

When Playa Bowls opened last semester, it changed everything. The constant crowd that flocks to the store says it all: everyone is dying to get these amazing smoothie bowls! They have a whopping 41 options for bowls- including açaí, pitaya, coconut, banana, green, oatmeal or chia bases. But, that’s not it. You can half the base of the bowl (my favorite being half banana half green) and can really customize your own toppings too! Not feeling like a bowl? The smoothies, fresh juices, and cold brew are all incredible also. The best part is they are open from 8 AM- 8 PM, so you can get your bowl fix at any time of the day.


Eagle’s Deli

Eagle’s is a BC student staple (it’s right there in the name). Eagle’s is the best place to go with friends the morning after a night out when you’re looking for a big, greasy breakfast, or depending on what time you wake up, lunch. They are a true deli- ranging from breakfast sandwiches to salads to wraps to burgers and oh, so much more. I love their southwestern salad with a side of sweet potato fries, but the possibilities are endless. If you’re feeling really wild, you can try the Eagle’s challenge to get your picture on the wall of fame.

Flat Bread’s

When it comes to off-campus eats, Flatbreads undoubtedly has the best wraps. Whether you’re craving a breakfast burrito or chicken caesar or a meatball wrap- they have almost any option, and you can create your own, too! Also, the guy who makes the wrap is notorious for whipping them up in the fastest way humanly possible. Flatbreads is great for when you crave a good hearty lunch that’s not from the Rat or Eagles Nest, and there’s a punch rewards card which helps you save for being a loyal customer.

Cafe Landwer

Another recent addition to the Cleveland Circle area, Cafe Landwer is a must-visit ‘off campus eats’ place, even if its just for a cup of their amazing coffee. Their brunch is incredible and boasts some brunch favorites like an açaí bowl and avocado tartine, but thanks to their Israeli roots their menu lets you jump out of your comfort zone and try something new and absolutely delicious. Shakshuka, the Farmer’s Breakfast, hummus bowls and shawarma are some great options. Cafe Landwer is also open for dinner, so there is no excuse not to head over for an amazing meal!


Amelia’s Taqueria

This is definitely a biased pick, as on campus there is a debate whether Chipotle/Amelia’s/El Pelon has the best Mexican food off-campus, but Amelia’s is the clear winner to me. Amelia’s is like Chipotle but on steroids: there’s a crazy amount of options for proteins, sides and even bases. They have amazing shrimp, spicy pulled chicken, plantains, mango salsa, and have Jarritos and horchata as drink options! Plus, they offer a breakfast menu before 11 AM, and their breakfast tacos are some of the best you will be able to find in Boston. Make sure to get cheese on a burrito- they melt the cheese into the tortilla before anything else is added, so its like a quesarito every time!

Fin’s Sushi and Grill

When you start to crave sushi, which is inevitable, Fin’s is the place to go. It is so close to campus, has all the basic sushi rolls, and lots of specialty rolls too. They also have hot entrees if raw fish isn’t your thing. Bento boxes, noodles, fried rice- any grub Chinese you crave, Fin’s definitely has. Fin’s also delivers to dorms on campus, which is an added bonus for the cold snowy days when you don’t want to leave bed.

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Cityside is so much more than just a bar that upperclassmen go to- they are one of my all time off campus eats favorites. They have incredible food, and are open for every meal. They fall into the classic grub food category, but a little more upscale grub food than you might be thinking. There’s breakfast pizzas, French toast and breakfast burritos for brunch. Lunch and dinner boast amazing burgers (I love the build your own turkey burger with sweet potato fries!), buffalo chicken wraps, tacos, tater tots, mac and cheese- a huge variety, all insanely good. It is so close to campus, but on lazy weekend evenings, I love to ubereats Cityside for dinner to enjoy from my dorm.

Pino’s Pizza

Pino’s is a BC student classic spot. They have the best pizza around, hands-down, and the staff loves BC students. Their menu is expansive, with a favorite being the buffalo chicken pizza, and all of it is amazing. Even El Presidente from Barstool rated Pino’s an 8.8 out of 10, and he’s a tough critic to win over. Pino’s is open until 1 AM, so it’s perfect to go to after an early night out or to order in when the late-night cravings hit.

White Mountain Creamery 

Last, but certainly not least, is White Mountain. White Mountain, which is steps away from campus, has the best flavors year-round, and their seasonal flavors are incredible, too. I love getting a scoop of Coffee Oreo and a scoop of their infamous Cookie Monster in a cup with Reese’s and whipped cream on top. Their ice cream is truly heavenly. They have ice cream cakes too, which is perfect for those times you need something to celebrate a friend’s big day, but don’t know what to get. Plus, they are open until midnight, so you can head over whenever you need a study break!


This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the great places for off campus eats (there could be a whole section for Newton alone), but I hope that some of my favorites here become your favorites, too!

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