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The Ultimate Guide To Mizzou Financial Aid

The Ultimate Guide To Mizzou Financial Aid

The University of Missouri financial aid site is so jam-packed with information that sometimes it can be more stressful than helpful. Follow this simple and straightforward guide to Mizzou financial aid!

1. Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines

Stay organized and know your deadlines! A scholarship opportunity directly through the university just passed on December 15th, but there’s plenty more chances out there – you just have to be aware of their deadlines! The FAFSA is due on March 1st, which is the priority filing date. The sooner you pass in your FAFSA for Mizzou financial aid, the better, but if you miss the deadline be sure to get it in anyways!


2. Take advantage of resources!

Like I said earlier, Mizzou’s financial aid site is FULL of information. Use this to your advantage if you’re feeling lost! They also have less detail-oriented resources available, like a video on how to fill out the FAFSA. There’s also this awesome resource detailing EVERYTHING you need to know here!

You can also walk into their office in Jesse Hall, e-mail them at, or contact them by phone at 573-882-7506.

Another awesome financial aid resource from Mizzou is their Twitter. Follow them at @MizzouSFA for tweets about scholarships and #FreeMoneyFriday!


3. Have all the documents you’ll need ready.

When filling out the FAFSA in particular, you’ll need your 2015 tax returns and your parents’ 2015 tax returns. You will also need your income information and your parents’.

Sometimes the FAFSA might also need more documentation for verification, which is a whole process in itself! You will be notified if you need to submit extra documents.


4. Follow all of the directions!

The site, as I mentioned, is incredible! There’s a detailed page here that helps you figure out the exact financial aid process at Mizzou.


5. Where will I see my financial aid award?

You should receive an award letter in the mail detailing your financial aid package from Mizzou!


6. When will I find out my financial aid award?

If you completed your FAFSA by the priority filing date, expect an award letter in mid-April.

7. Get your enrollment deposit in ASAP!

Mizzou asks that you send in a $300 enrollment deposit to secure your spot in the freshmen class!

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8. How much is this all going to cost?

A detailed breakdown of Mizzou’s cost of attendance is available here.

If you’re an in-state student living on campus, Mizzou is around $27,374/year. If you’re an out-of-state student living on campus, the COA is about $42,656/year. This is an in-state and on-campus student’s cost breakdown:

  • Tuition: $10,716
  • Room/board: $10,558
  • Books/supplies: $1,344
  • Transportation: $3,388
  • Personal: $1,368

9. How much does an average Mizzou student get in financial aid?

81% of first-time Mizzou students receive some sort of aid, which is a very reassuring statistic if that cost of attendance is scaring you! The average amount awarded is about $14,987.


10. Under special circumstances, your financial aid can be reconsidered.

Extenuating circumstances can adjust your financial aid package, so be sure to talk any changes over with a financial counselor at Mizzou! More info can be found here.

Hopefully this guide to Mizzou financial aid helped you out! Let us know down below!

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